10+ Types Of Printed Shirts That Look Stunning With Blue Denim

10+ Types Of Printed Shirts That Look Stunning With Blue Denim

Types Of Printed Shirts

Men also deserve to be in the spotlight now. According to some reports, men also shop like women do and sometimes they give more of their time shopping only because men also care about their looks and they dress up according to the recent trends. Printed shirts are an ongoing trend now. Everybody loves to wear them on different occasions according to their preference. 

There are a lot of printed shirts available in the market which can be worn with different bottom wear but the confusion is what to wear with blue denim or what type of printed shirts can go well with blue denim.

So, there are a lot more shirts that can go well with blue denim and make you look classy, stylish, and trendy. These are some printed shirts that you can wear with your blue denim:

1. Jaipuri Printed Shirts

Jaipuri printed shirts are one of the latest trends going on, not only for men but women also wear Jaipuri printed shirts and flaunt them with their styles. 

Wearing Blue denim with Jaipuri printed shirts is a good idea as they have a unique and stylish print that can perfectly go with blue denim which can enhance the beauty of the shirt and can make you look amazing.

2. Elephant-printed Shirts

Elephant-printed shirts are a type of print of hand-blocked printed shirt that looks amazing while wearing. People go crazy when they style them with trousers or some other bottom wear. Paring them up with blue denim can change their look as blue denim beautify the look of the shirt and make it look stunning. You can also add sneakers to enhance the beauty of the shirt with blue denim and can add a fun-classy look.

3. Abstract Printed Shirts

Abstract printed shirts are the quirkiest designer shirts which are also said to be stylish shirts for men and can be styled with blue denim for any occasion according to the print. Abstract-printed shirts are a trend now and people love to wear them for many functions because of the catchy prints and unique colors, which can be worn according to the occasion. Adding blue denim with abstract printed shirts can add spark to your look.

4. Check Printed Shirts

Check printed shirts are a type of shirt that people prefer to wear as formal wear. During meetings, in offices, and on formal occasions check printed shirts give a professional vibe and so you can add blue denim to it for a cool and classy look. In this way, you can wear your check-printed shirts as casual wear for a stylish look.

5. Stripe-printed Shirts

Stripe-printed shirts also come under the category of formal wear. They are worn in offices, meetings, and on formal occasions. Stripe-printed shirts can be worn with blue denim for a cool and stylish look and can be worn casually as well. You can also add a pair of white sneakers for a cool and comfortable look.

6. Chevron Printed Shirts

This shirt with a splash of prints gives you stylish look while wearing. This shirt can be worn with blue denim and can make you look more stylish and attractive.

7. Geometric-printed Shirts

There is no such thing as too many prints. We love printed shirts and so do you so you can style your geometric-printed shirts with blue denim for a more ordinary and trendy look. You can add your favorite sunglasses or neck chain to your look for a more stylish look.

8. Small Dotted And Polka-dotted Shirts

Small dotted and polka-dotted shirts are breaking the taboo of society now. People love wearing small dotted and polka-dotted shirts so that they can look stylish and trendy as polka-dotted shirts are in trend now. Styling your shirts with blue denim is the best idea when you want to style them casually. You can add more accessories to your look for a more attractive look.

9. Ikat Printed Shirts

Ikat printed is a quirky print that does not cover your shirt fully, the design is on the full shirt with a little space left and makes your shirt look stylish and enhances your look as well. Styling blue denim with an ikat printed shirt can enhance the look stylishly and can make you look amazing.

10. Tie And Dye Printed Shirts

Tie and dye printed apparel is world famous. Every outfit with tie and dye print is available in the stores now because people are loving it and they are going crazy for tie and dye print.  Tie and dye printed shirts with blue jean is a great combo as it beautifies the smartness of the shirt and end up giving it a smart look. Tie and dye shirts are among the best-printed shirts.

Wrap Up:

Printed shirts go well with blue denim as blue denim enhances their look by putting a casual effect to it. Shirts like Jaipuri printed, chevron printed, abstract printed, tie and dye printed, check print, and stripe printed are the shirts that enhance your look when worn and by adding blue denim to it you can completely change the vibe of formal wear shirt to casual wear. So, try this stylish hack by adding blue denim and enjoy the trendy look.

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