3 Ways to Connect With Your Patient Base With Dental Marketing

3 Ways to Connect With Your Patient Base With Dental Marketing



Be it any marketing campaign, the Patient sole objective is to increase brand awareness locally, nationally, or across the borders. Both traditional and digital marketing does a good job in creating brand awareness according to the needs, demands, and trends of the time. 

Now that smartphones have made it easy to access the world wide web, digital marketing is taking almost every other industry by storm. This has its own pros and cons. The strategy that worked 3-4 years ago is not guaranteed to work in today’s time. However, there are digital marketing strategies that will have the same impact as they did when they came into existence. Let’s find out what they are and how you can leverage them to stand out from your dental competition. 

3 Ways to Connect With Your Patient Base Digitally 

#1 Connect With Patients Through Social Media 

Part of the dentist job is to work directly with patients. This paves the opportunity for the dental practice to connect directly with its audience on social media platforms. Building your dental community where you share dental information regularly will help you build a long-lasting relationship with your followers.  

Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter, not to mention, Youtube can prove to be valuable platforms where you engage with your followers regularly. With a better understanding of what your dental practice does, you would waste no time in building credibility and trust as you move forward. 

Your social media strategy has to be designed for one thing and one thing. To generate as many leads as it can where you practice. Stay away from targeting followers who live far away from your practice. Targeting local followers who will definitely benefit from your dental services is the way to move forward. 

Hire an experienced dental marketing expert who can manage social media accounts on your behalf and target specific audiences that are more likely to convert into your patients. Generate new leads, connect with patients and stay connected with your local community and reap the rewards that come with an effective presence on social media platforms.  

#2 Email Marketing Campaign 

Social media marketing certainly works its charm when you are striving to build your dental clinic brand. However, evergreen email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways of reaching new dental patients. 

Email is a secure and trusted form of communication that dental practices can use for their own advantages. Send special offers, dental tips, newsletters and more that generates the interest of your audience. The objective is to create custom content for your target demographics to keep them well-informed about oral hygiene and keep them updated about offers, special prices, and promotions. 

Your regular email newsletters must have a call-to-action. Whether you are offering general advice or promotional offers, the CTA should encourage readers to visit your website for more information. They can also be directed to your contact page or get access to your contact number to directly schedule an appointment.  

Emails also work great when you want to remind your existing patients of upcoming appointments and routine checkups. Simply make sure that you reach your prospects directly so they can take the desired action when necessary. 

#3 Setup Appointment Reminders 

The whole point of bringing new leads and keeping the existing one’s coming back is about maintaining a long-lasting relationship with your patient base. Building an online dental community does not happen overnight. It is a constant effort where long-term and short-term dental advertisement strategies work in harmony to produce the desired results. Dental adverts and strategies like Dental SEO requires patience. This is why it is important to have a marketing strategist at your disposal who can effortlessly take over your marketing channels and provide you with all the in-depth data you need to make your dental practice stand out. 

A successful dental practice is that where 80% of patients return for further diagnosis and dental treatments. This highlights that the majority of the income is generated from retaining patients. If you are unable to retain your patients’ chances are that they are going to your competitors in the same area where you are located. So how do you retain your existing patients? You set up appointment reminders. Whether you create communication channels through email, phone, text messages, or postcards, an appointment reminder will tell the patient that you care about them and want to address the pressing needs of the patient. Appointment reminders should be prioritised for patients first who have not visited your clinic in a while.

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