4 Exciting Things To Do in Miami

4 Exciting Things To Do in Miami

Things To Do in Miami

Miami is a gorgeous tropical city, lying within the southwestern part of Florida. It is one of the third most populous towns in the United States and home to unusual museums and beaches. Moreover, there are plenty of animal reserves, national parks, designer stores, theme parks, and other popular tourist attractions. The vibrant beach culture and nightlife attract millions of travelers every year across the globe. The exquisite beauty and charm of the beach city offer endless adventure and breathtaking scenery to the explorers and backpackers.

If you are traveling to Miami, the perfect time is from November to March, when nature is blooming at its best. Spending even a week here is like living a life in a magical paradise. Adventure seekers can enjoy popular activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, jet boating, tubing, surfing, boating, jet-skiing, rafting, and swimming with dolphins.

Here are a few popular and exciting things to do in Miami with your family or friends this year.

Wander through the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

One of the impressive gardens in Miami, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is home to classic architecture and artworks. There are spectacular rooms designed in the renaissance style and decorated with European furniture of the 15th to the 19th century. Moreover, there are 1100 craftsmen guided over from Europe for the site-like the National Historic site covering 28 acres. Tourists can notice charming gardens with beautiful Italian and French fountains, swimming pools, sculptures, and eye-catching scenery. Don’t forget to pack your camera or smartphone to click amazing pictures in the most picturesque site in Miami. 

However, you may find the Formal Gardens familiar with the fascinating layout of France’s Versailles. Since it is a popular sight to explore in Miami, the entry tickets are likely to sell out easily. Therefore, buy your tickets in advance from its official site and get a chance to witness the park’s unusual beauty. 

Snorkeling in Miami

Miami is an exotic city, home to endless water adventure and thrill, and plenty of golden beaches. Thrill-seekers can relish the experience of paddleboarding, snorkeling, jet boating, tubing, surfing, boating, jet-skiing, rafting, and swimming on beaches. Among all, snorkeling is fun and pretty affordable, and it is the best way to discover captivating coral reefs. Moreover, it offers an exciting opportunity to see the marine species from a close view of the mangrove island.  

Snorkelers would require a snorkel, mask, fins, and a vest for maximum support and safety. If you want to buy these things for rent, visit the South Beach Divers and rent them for a day. The best areas to participate in snorkeling include a 2hr Private Boat Tour and Private Sailing Adventure in Biscayne Bay. Key West Sail Trip, 45′ Yacht Tour, South Beach Sail Splash, and Florida Keys Eco are fantastic options. Book your Southwest Airlines tickets in advance if you wish to experience all the fun and adventure in Miami. You may also grab exciting discounts on early bookings and have more savings. 

Shopping in Lincoln Road Mall, Miami

Miami is home to plenty of designer houses and unique shopping stores. If you are a shopping enthusiast, visit the shops once to buy interesting and trendy stuff. Among all, the Lincoln Road Mall is a popular shopping venue, and it is always packed with tourists and locals. While you are here, you can shop for an incredible collection of clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, and other things. After shopping, you can head to the beautiful waterfront park and rest a little. In addition, you will find several amazing cafes, fancy restaurants, entertainment venues, lounges, cultural treats, boutiques, and arcades.

Also known as the ‘fifth avenue of the South’, which is the gorgeous parking garage designed comprehensively. Self-guided tours of the Fairchild Garden vegetation are available, and it is the popular thing to do here. 

Meet the animals in Zoo Miami

Miami Zoo is a famous attraction and a charming wildlife reserve, home to around 3000 animals and 40 endangered species. The creatures live here peacefully and grow together, and it is one of the best things to see here. Visitors can feed the giraffes and interact with other jungle animals to meet a unique experience. If you come here with kids, take them to the zoo, they will love the place and enjoy feeding animals. They will love the view of giant animals eating with human hands while bending down with their long necks. 

Since it is the only zoo of America lying in a subtropical climate, there will be endless things to explore. Besides animals, there are more than 1000 plants and trees and a diverse collection of beautiful orchids. In addition, the site also features great opportunities for entertainment and fun, especially for the kids. They can play and feel like themselves in the recreational areas near the wildlife reserve. So, book United Airlines tickets your and pack your bags to witness Miami’s phenomenal scenery and attractive places. 

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