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4 Ways You Can Keep Track Of Concealed Water Leaks In The House

4 Ways You Can Keep Track Of Concealed Water Leaks In The House

The amount of damage that the hidden leaks could do to your property is devastating. It is not just about cleaning water but the impact the leaks have on the house after a prolonged period of an undetected leak is what nobody wants. Plumber Newcastle is very easy to hire from a reliable service provider but why would you hire a plumber when you are not aware of the water leaks in the house.

It is time to have a smart strategy to keep an eye on the water leaks in the house. The visible leaks are easy to detect and get repaired but all things listed below need to be done to detect the hidden leaks in the house.

●      Keep track of water meter

We have a water meter at home that keeps track of the amount of water we use. Monitoring these meters and comparing them with your water usage can easily give you the idea of hidden water leaks. One more trick you can use here is to check the current figure of the water meter. Take a stroll around the house and make sure that every faucet, toilet tank valve, irrigation faucets and any other water outlet are tightly closed. Make sure that nobody uses any water in the house until you check for the water meter figures again. After waiting for a while you can again check for the water meter figure. If there is a change then water is leaking somewhere that you don’t know of.

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●      Food coloring water detection test

One of the leaks that easily gets away from detection is of toilet tanks. You can involve kids as this is a fun activity too. Take some food coloring or dye readily available in the house. Add some of these in the tank and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Check for the presence of color in the bowl. If yes then that tank was looking and you didn’t know about it.

●      Look out for mold growth and bad odor

When you are unaware of the hidden water leak for a prolonged time. The moisture due to the water leaks induces mold growth in that area. When the mold grows for a long time there is a particular smell that spreads around due to the leak. Check for mold growth or odor. If you find it anywhere in the house check for the leak in that particular area and call the plumber to address that issue.

●      Do not forget to check outdoor faucets

One of the most neglected water leaks is from the outdoor faucets and irrigation systems. We all love a beautiful garden in our home’s outdoor space but you may be neglecting the amount of water that leaks due to these outdoor faucets and irrigation systems. Make sure that you do not leave the watering pipe unattended when you water the plants or garden. Check regularly for the leaking water and if the tap is closed properly or not.

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After doing all this if you get aware of the presence of any water leak just contact the trusted Plumber Newcastle and get the leak fixed before it ruins your property.

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