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40+ Expert Opinions On Frequent Air Conditioning Installation Faults

40+ Expert Opinions On Frequent Air Conditioning Installation Faults

Air Conditioning Installation Faults

Bought a new air conditioner? Waiting for the air conditioner to get installed? Confused about the ways and methods of installing it? Want some expert opinions for the installation of air conditioners?

So here is the answer to all the questions that are revolving in your head and making you confused about the steps of installations. If you are a person who has bought a new air conditioner for your office or for your home and are waiting for the air conditioner to be installed, then you should always have some knowledge about the errors that can take place during the process of installation. 

It is always very important to know the important points about the installation of the air conditioner because if there is any error then it will be easy to find the solution to it. It may also help in the proper working of the air conditioner. 

There are many opinions that are given by the experts that should be taken care of during the installation of the air conditioner so that there is no problem that is to be faced by the customers. They are:

We should always take care of the proper size of the Air conditioner unit.

Sometimes the size of the air conditioner unit can be too big or too small as compared to the area that needs to be cooled. If the air conditioning unit is too small, then it might cause a problem in the process of the surrounding area and if the air conditioning unit is too large, then it may prevent dehumidification. Also if the air conditioning unit is too big in its size then it may cause wear off of the parts with frequent on or off of the unit.

So it is always advisable to install an air conditioner unit that has the optimum size. 

We should always keep a check on the proper wiring of the air conditioner.

Another installation error that can occur during the process is improper wiring. During the installation of the air conditioner, we should always ensure the proper wiring of the air conditioning unit. If the worker who is installing the air conditioner is too inexperienced, then he can easily create errors in the process and do sloppy work which can prove very risky and also create faults that have an effect on the working of the air conditioning unit. 

We should also make sure that there are no wires that are exposed to the outside as this may cause some unwanted problems.

We should always ensure proper insulation of the suction lines. 

We need to keep a check on the point that whenever a person comes for the process of installation of the air conditioner, he should properly insulate the refrigerant that is present on the suction line. 

Do you know what happens when there is no insulation or the insulation has been done incorrectly?

Here is the answer. These gradually bring down the efficiency of work of the air conditioning unit. So while installation one should always keep in mind this opinion to avoid some obvious problems.

We should always look after the fact that enough space is left in between the walls and the air condition unit.

In the case of the split AC as well as the wall AC, we should properly take care of the fact that sufficient space is left on both sides of the air condition unit. This helps in the proper circulation and flow of the air and this helps in the proper functioning of the unit. 

So while the installation process is going on, it should be properly ensured that the person has left some space on the sides of the air conditioning unit.

There are some other opinions that may help us in the process of proper installation of the air condition unit.

  • The person who is working with the installation process should always keep with him the ceiling saver kit.
  • The company that is working should be a bonded company
  • There should be proper permit so as to ease installation
  • There should be a proper contract for the process to take place
  • We should not hand over the entire process to the contractor
  • The refrigerant lines should not be kept for too long
  • We should keep a check that the thermostat is in a good position
  • We should keep a check that the dripping pans are removed in case of vertical installation
  • We should clearly talk about the payments 
  • We should not install the wrong drainage systems 
  • We should not use the blocked vents while we are installing the unit
  • We should not run the air condition all the day long 
  • We should choose a proper filter location or a proper filter assembly
  • We should not over charge the refrigeration system
  • We should always install an air conditioner that is less costly
  • We should always keep a check on the company’s references
  • We should also issue a guarantee before installation
  • We should also check the license of the repairmen
  • We should always focus on the proper ventilation while installing the AC
  • We should always ensure that the suction pipes are not in the right angle
  • We should check the reviews from the respective company’s website before they can be allowed for work
  • We should install a proper timer and programmable thermostat
  • We should use a proper design for the unit installation
  • We should always use the UV rated and insulated piping for the installation
  • We should patchwork our equipment

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