5 Benefits of Learning and Using Node.js for Startups

Using Node.js for Startups


Node.js has become very popular among developers and organizations over the past few years and this trend is going to continue for many more years. Today many big companies like PayPal and Yahoo use this amazing platform/JavaScript runtime environment in their applications. This is mainly due to the benefits that it provides to its users. Overall it is an amazing platform and can be very beneficial for small companies and startups that have limited budgets and resources.


Node.js is a magnificent and popular platform/JavaScript runtime environment that allows an organization to develop fast, lightweight, and reliable applications for themselves. Besides this, it is very easy to learn and also supports microservice architecture. But should you use it? That’s the question that will answer today. So, today we are sharing with you five benefits of learning and using Node.js for startups.

Easy to Learn

Writing code in Node.js is not that difficult and very easy too. Once you master JavaScript and OOPs concepts learning Node.js will not be that difficult for you. The only problem you might face while learning it is that understanding its client-server model and Node’s asynchronous flow is a little difficult. However, there are plenty of online tutorials and courses that can help you in mastering all the concepts of Node.js. You can also enroll yourself in the Node JS Training in Noida to learn about the fundamentals of the platform in-depth.

Keeping Everything Easy and Simple

Startups face lots of problems and challenges while launching their products. Thus they try to keep everything simple and easy and Node.js can help them in doing that. Using Node.js you can easily develop both the frontend and backend of an application which means you don’t have to hire two separate developers for creating the frontend and backend of the app. This speeds up the development process of an application and helps you develop a high-quality app in a short amount of time.


Another great benefit of Node.js is that allows its users to develop a powerful and reliable application without writing complex codes. This is mainly due to the asynchronous-driven architecture of the platform. The platform uses the V8 engine which is very easy to use and implement. Additionally, Node.js allows its users to use non-blocking I/O which allows threads to manage multiple requests. What does this mean? It means that if a thread can’t process a request at a particular point in time then it does affect the functioning of other threads. This makes your application more powerful, reliable, and safe without writing complex codes.


Microservice architecture has become very popular among organizations and many organizations are migrating their apps from monolithic architecture to microservice architecture. This is mainly because of the benefits that the architecture provides to its users. With Node.js you can easily develop applications using the microservice architecture without any issue or problem. This is mainly because it allows you to develop your app in a modular fashion. Additionally, the platform makes it very simple to develop, package and publish modules of the app. Thus you must learn to use Node.js if you want to develop an application using the microservice architecture. You won’t regret your decision to learn it.


The next advantage of learning and using Node.js is that it allows you to develop scalable apps. Most startups prefer to develop applications that are very lightweight and fast and can be scaled up in the future and by using node.js for developing their apps they can easily do that. This is mainly because of the load balancing feature of Node.js and its ability to handle a large number of connections (concurrent connections). Additionally, the apps that are developed using the Node platform support vertical and horizontal scaling too. So, if you are a startup then you must use this phenomenal platform if you want to develop a lightweight, scalable and fast application for your business.


Node.js is a phenomenal platform or JavaScript runtime environment that allows an organization to easily develop lightweight, powerful, fast, and scalable apps in a short time. Besides this, it supports the microservice architecture too. So, do learn and use this phenomenal platform if you are a startup. It will be worth it. To do this you can enroll yourself in an online course or training program or can join the Node JS Training in Gurgaon to become an expert in using it.

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