5 Must-Have Features in Salon Software

5 Must-Have Features in Salon Software

Salon Software

Nowadays, Salon Software a drastic change has been noticed- from manual work to next-gen or automated apps and technologies!

This change has been noticed in the Salon industry as well. Those working in the industry are considering Salon Booking Software for boosting their success rate. These solutions are assisting the Salon owners in the automation of different aspects of day-to-day operations and have full control over them. Also, they can adjust the processes to reach the customer satisfaction level and help in business growth.

So, if you own a small or large scale Salon, the Salon Software is here to streamline the job of staff members. This makes them concentrate on fulfilling the customer’s needs to serve them the best. Marketing, booking appointments, Point of Sale, Inventory management, and maintaining the customer’s record- are easy with the Salon Management Software. What best is that- you can access the software from anywhere and anytime with any portable devices. The payment methods can also be added or edited as per the convenience of the customers. 

Despite the common feature, the solution also provides exceptional features that offer the beauty businesses much-required features and enhanced capabilities. It integrates the important features, such as Online Booking, Online product store, gift card, booking system,  track inventory, etc. We are here with this list, keep on ready to know about all:

Features you definitely need in the Salon Software

1. Online product store

This feature enables you to categorize and sell the products online and maintain the tracking of incoming and outgoing inventory. Now, you can include the Salon software with the Shopify and WooCommerce Stores and let you track the inventory from the one location itself.

Also, you can build packages for varied services in comfortable bunches and sell them online. The customers now have the freedom to select the package of their needs and can redeem the services in the provided validity. Improve the customer retention rate by marketing the memberships online. The Salon owners can also run special offers and allow the customers to pay less and gain more advantage by means of e-wallet. The customers are allowed to use any service instead of the e-wallet amount. 

2. Online booking

Now, you can streamline the booking experience in various profitable ways. Let your potential customers’ book and schedule the appointment from the custom-booking URL, Instagram, and Facebook or set-up widget on the website. Find out the below point to know how online booking happens:

  • Manage your and staff availability to schedule the appointment.
  • Fix the search appointments period of 15, 20,30 minutes approximately.
  • Allow them to book, cancel, schedule, or reschedule the appointments online.  
  • Introduce them the cancellation policy to decrease the chances of no-shows.
  • Allow the customers to offer the credit card details for every or only the particular appointments.
  • Accept every online appointment automatically or need requests for appointments according to the desired standards.

Also, book from Instagram or Facebook business and connect with the booking page. Include the Booking Widgets in the website; allow the customers to book directly from your website, also, you can complete the booking page on the website using the Software.

3. Inventory Management

Salon Software makes managing the inventory an easy task. The customers can manage the in-house and retail inventory seamlessly with Software. You can describe the product usage per service and consider the in-house inventory to avoid the wastage of the products. Receive an automatic notification on some products only. 

The Salon solution automatically does not consider the low quantity products and sends the email notifications by the low quantity products. Later on, you can create the purchase order from the Software easily and then, track the products from the solution itself. Then, you can create the purchase orders from the solution easily and track the products in a simple manner. Now, you can include the Shopify and WooCommerce stores with the applications and track the inventory from one location.

4. Loyalty program

Get additional business opportunities from and reward potential customers. From the simple and intuitive Salon software, you can lock the quality leads, improve the customer base, and grow the Salon productivity. Many customers avail themselves of the Salon and Spa services in the group and explore the discounts on more purchases. It assists you to choose who should receive the reward point. Many customers buy the Salon products more in quantity. The solution updates the same and lets you choose the potential customers. The loyalty system permits you to make the much-required adjustment in the loyalty program calculations and provide rewards to worthy candidates.

5. Gift cards

Allow your potential customers the chance to gift their loved ones with the services on special occasions. Even if it is the birthday celebration or the anniversary, the personalized or customized gifts from Salon Software assist you to get involved with the potential customers. It notifies the customers about the SMS or email on a quick basis. Also, you can search the gift cards by card value, card number, the purchaser’s name, the date of creation.

Wrapping Up

The Online Booking Software offers you several benefits to make your salon run effectively in a centralized environment. Assure to search for the should-have features while searching for the right one. Do not forget to consider the above-mentioned. Take the time while choosing the right software; consider the other factors while picking, like, budget, your Salon needs, etc. 

Do share your thoughts with us! If you are unable to choose the right one then, you can ask us your queries in the comment section below. We are here to assist you! Thank you for reading!

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