5 Tips To Find The Best LGBT Friendly Vacation Spots Around The Globe

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Are you searching through vivid travel lifestyle blogs, journals, or magazines to find the best LGBT-friendly vacation spots globally? Then, you must have found out various destinations, laws, and other tips online. But too much information is equivalent to too much confusion. 

Therefore, the top LGBT travel lifestyle blog, 2dadswithbaggage.com, has narrowed a list to find out the best LGBT friendly vacation spots globally. So, let’s cut out all other noises and pack your bag for a gay-friendly vacation. 

Check Out LGBT Laws

LGBT community has struggled hard to receive respect and equal rights in society. And many countries have already accepted LGBT relationships and communities with open arms. Unfortunately, not every country has accepted LGBTs. There are still more than 70 countries that consider same-sex relationships illegal and won’t welcome gay travelers. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to be prejudiced while traveling with your family or partner, you should check out LGBT laws around the world. You should also make a list of all the LGBT friendly vacation spots globally and then pick your holiday destination from them. 

Check Out LGBT Attitude Scale

If a country appears LGBT friendly vacation spot on papers, it doesn’t mean that LGBT people are welcomed there. Many countries have legalized LGBT relationships and given them all rights on paper, but the attitude of some nations is still an anti-gay community. 

If you don’t want to toxin your holidays by receiving weird comments or ogles from locals, you should consider selecting the LGBT friendly vacation spots which are both legally and socially accept gay couples. 

Check Out your Country’sCountry’s Travel Advisory 

Right now, if you are planning to travel outside your country, always check travel advisories issued by your government. Due to the pandemic spread, many countries are highly infected with the virus, and visiting them won’t be good for your and your family’s health. If you are a US citizen, you can visit the US Department of State website to read out the latest travel advisories. If you are traveling for any other nation, simply type your country’s name and search for the latest travel advisories online. 

Check Out your Passport & Visa

This travel tip isn’t only LGBT specific, but anyone who is traveling abroad should ensure that their passport and visa requirements are in order. You need to have at least 6 month validity on your passport to step into many countries. Plus, in some countries, you can get a visa on arrival, but in some, you have to prior apply for the visa. So, go and understand the travel policy (even covid related) between your country and your travel destination before hopping on a plane. 

Check Out PDA (public display of affection) Rules

If you are on your honeymoon, you should select LGBT friendly vacation spots that have no issues with PDA. On your honeymoon, you definitely want to hold your partner’s hand, cuddle, or might kiss in public. Therefore, make sure that your honeymoon destination allows PDA. That’sThat’s because many Middle Eastern countries have strict rules against PDA, and you can even be thrown in jail for public kissing or touching. So, be check PDA rules before booking your romantic retreat as a gay couple. 

Finding LGBT friendly vacation spots globally isn’t hard anymore as the tourism industry is openly welcoming gay people today. In many countries, even special gay activities are organized to lure more same-gender couples. To know more about LGBT travel rules and tips, you can follow the best gay travel lifestyle blog operated by two gay dads — 2dadswithbaggage.com. Here, you can explore all gay family travel secrets. 

If you are on your honeymoon, you should select LGBT friendly vacation spots that have no issues with PDA. On your honeymoon, you definitely want to hold your partner’s hand, cuddle,

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