5 Tips To Keep Your Parked Car Cool in Summer

5 Tips To Keep Your Parked Car Cool in Summer

Parked Car Cool in Summer

Summers are upon us with their sweltering heat, dehydration, and sweat. The season is also synonymous with the body getting heated up. And with that said, we desperately want to cool ourselves down with chilled water, a relaxing cool bath, light breezy clothes, and mocktails. Just like us, our cars need attention from the heat of the sun.

Here we tell you how to safeguard your car from the sun’s harmful using sun shade Dubai and other effective tips. Read on and learn about all the techniques.

Why Does Your Car Turn So Butt-Burningly Hot?

During the summers, your four-wheeler will be hotter than the temperature outside, owing to the greenhouse effect: The sunrays visible, short wavelengths can smear through your car’s windows. However, the moment your car carpets, seats, and dashboards start absorbing the light, you would encounter a different scenario.

These materials are also responsible for storing the energy besides radiating back elongated, infrared wavelengths which fail to smear through the glass windows. This implies that they wouldn’t be able to escape your car. The serious heat then develops as it teams up with the unmoving and still air trapped inside the car.

So here are some ways on how you can keep your parked car cool during the blazing heat.

Top Hacks to Keep Your Car Cool and Comfy During Sweltering Heat

1. Take Help of Car Parking Shades

To begin with, using sun shades during summers is one of the most efficient ways to prevent the sun’s wrath on your car. The car parking shades come at an affordable cost and are available in all the online car accessories shops. Every time you decide to park your car under the sun during the summers, make sure to use a sunshade. It doesn’t matter even if you are parking the car for a few minutes, you must always use a sunshade. Sunshades prove effective in keeping the greenhouse effect at bay and hence making sure that your car stays cooler when it is parked.

2. Invest in a Dashboard Cover

The second-best tip apart from using car parking shades to maintain the cool of your parked car during the relentless heat and to avoid letting your dashboard from getting heated up is to invest in a dashboard cover. When you have a dashboard cover with you, you wouldn’t have to deal with the ugly experience of touching your dashboard after it has been exposed to the sun for some time.

3. Keep Your Car Windows Open but Not Too Much

Another easy technique to keep your parked car cool during the hotter months is to keep its windows slightly open. Bear in mind that the hot air tends to rise and the most tried-and-tested method to ensure the heat work out of the car is the car cabin. That said, make sure you don’t leave the windows wide open of your car, lest a thief or miscreant might slip his hand to unlock the car. Even the slightest opening will make sure there is ample ventilation and the hot air eludes from the interiors of your car.

4. Invest in A Solar-Based Ventilation Fan

With the hype and promises made by a solar-based ventilation fan, you can always try and give it a shot. The fan is installed on the exterior top of either of the rolled-up windows and features an exterior facing solar panel which helps it to run. The fan is designed to force out the hot air from the interiors of the car, while also drawing cooler air outside of your car. To ramp up cross-ventilation, you can use two fans on the two sides of either the front window or the rear window.

5. Use Your Brains When Parking Your Car

This is one of the most ignored yet one of the key ways to practice if you wish to keep your car parked cool. Though it might seem like an overwhelming task to find a shady place, you can always come across parking slots with the sun behind the car. By parking smartly, you can bring down the heat intensity that befalls on the seats of your cars, dashboard, and steering wheel.

Other Effective Tips that Work in Preventing Your Car from Getting All Heated Up

  • Use reflective paint to coat the top part of your car. The paint is made to reflect a large proportion of the heat of your car and keep it cool simultaneously.
  • You can shop for universal curtains to prevent the direct sun rays from damaging your car.
  • Use the glove box to your advantage and store all the car accessories there; starting from pen drives to cables and car chargers. This will help the accessories to stay safe.
  • To enhance ventilation, always pick beaded seat covers instead of leather finishes.

Things Worth Considering

While the below-mentioned tips have got nothing to do with keeping your parked car cool, they are good tricks to help you deal with the unbearable summer sun.

Keep Your Belongings Hidden from the Sun Rays

While this is something obvious, most often we ignore this part. Avoid keeping your precious belongings exposed to the sun; expensive electronics for instance. This is because both sunlight and heat can damage your sensitive electronics permanently.

Keep Everything Part of Your Car Covered

It goes needless to mention that both vinyl and leather seats turn extremely hot during the summers, so in case you have them, get them replaced right away. Or if you are in no mood to change them, you can always use a blanket or a towel to cover them for some protection against the sun. Also, consider covering your steering wheel.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to prevent your car from getting excessively heated up during the summers. If not completely, these tips will keep your car cool and comfortable. You might want to practice more than one of these hacks to amplify the effectiveness and invest in good quality car parking shades to keep your car in the best condition.

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