7 Best Low Budget Mattress Which are Always in Demand

7 Best Low Budget Mattress Which are Always in Demand

We all know that mattress is a one-time buy. It is not every day that we buy a mattress for our beds. So, it is utterly necessary to buy a bed mattress with careful attention to the details such as the firmness, sag-resistant features, comfort level, softness, material, and more. 

If you want to rely on a safe option, then Springfit mattress could be your go-to mattress at all times. The brand manufactures some of the most durable and reliable mattresses. 

However, as Indians, we love to stick to a few mattresses that are high in demand. Why so? Because we pay more attention to what the majority of people are saying. That said, let us go through the 7 best low-budget mattresses that are always in demand. 

  • Springfit Reactive firm mattress: Springfit mattress brand is the manufacturer of premium mattresses in India. For a middle-class Indian family, this Springfit mattress comes in the “low-budget” category plus, it is pretty much in demand right now. You can buy this with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card for more pocket-friendly buying options. The mattress is premium and loaded with features: an orthopedic mattress with zero partner disturbance is organic and doesn’t sag over time. 
  • Wakefit Dual comfort mattress: Memory foam is a raging success due to its capability to adjust according to a person’s body contour when they lie down. Wakefit is selling its memory foam mattresses like hot cakes. The bed mattress is made with two types of foam: soft foam for comfort lovers and high resilience foam for the ones who are body posture conscious. The bed mattress comes with a high GSM removable mattress cover. Two sides of the mattress can be used. However, only one size is available. 
  • Durfi cotton candy memory foam mattress: The affordable memory foam mattresses from Durfi are high-in-class and popular with Indians. This pocket-friendly bed mattress comes with cotton candy memory foam as its top layer, convoluted memory foam as its middle layer, and the base layer is made of hard rebonded foam. Furthermore, there is an anti-bacterial fabric covering. Overall, the mattress is a value-for-money item for Indian homes.
  • Springtek dreamer orthopedic memory & HR foam dual comfort mattress: Springtek has been manufacturing comfortable mattresses in India from time immemorial. It is a standard bed mattress brand you will find in most homes. Want to know why? Because it is pocket-friendly and suffixes all the requirements quite well. This particular mattress is made with precision having three types of foam:
  1. Transition foam.
  2. Memory foam adjusts itself according to the body contour.
  3. High resilience foam is massively helpful as far as lumbar support is concerned.

The mattress, further, comes with breathable fabric, and airflow technology makes it suitable for the tropical climate. Note: do not confuse Springtek mattress with Springfit mattress; both are different brands. But you can buy both these brands with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card. Change your lifestyle with this type of mattress.

  • Sleepy Cat Orthopedic mattress: This mattress has two layers of memory foam. One-inch gel memory foam and five-inch high-density support foam go into making this mattress superb. The firmness is pretty decent. So, people looking for a mattress that will support their lumbar can count on this bed mattress. You will have a whole spread to choose from according to the size of your bed. 
  • Wakefit Orthopedic memory foam mattress: It seems Wakefit has got patrons in large numbers. The four-layer memory foam mattress has unfailingly impressed the users. If you are looking for a bed mattress that will keep your spine aligned with the body, then this is your savior. The breathable top-layer, next-generation memory foam, differential pressure zone layer, and high resilience base layer make it the best spine support orthopedic mattress you can lay your hands on. 
  • Sleepyhead 3 layered medium orthopedic memory foam mattress: As the name suggests, there are three layers: comfort foam, responsive memory foam layer, and support foam. The layer of high resilience foam makes this mattress suitable for medium spine support. Yes, it can be very well used for therapeutic purposes. The breezy fabric keeps germ build-up at bay, and the best part is yet to come: the brand allows you to use it for 100 nights straight. If you feel you don’t like it, give it back with a 100% money-back guarantee; isn’t it amazing? Plus, the mattress comes with a 10 years warranty against damages. 

Indulge in tension-free buying, for we have carefully selected only the best for you. Get your bed mattress today from Springfit mattress or any other brand we have suggested above.

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