8 Ways in Which Education Will Come Back Stronger after COVID

8 Ways in Which Education Will Come Back Stronger after COVID

How many of you have attended your online classes in your pajamas? Well, the answer would be yes for most of us. Lockdown had brought a massive change in many of us, and the education unit has not remained untouched. Of course, nobody expected this to happen, but we have been locked in a room for almost two years now.

Education happens through laptops and screens rather than sitting in the classrooms. And now that, things are returning to normal, many of us have a question on how COVID-19 has impacted the education sector. Here is my understanding:

Online learning

The influence which online learning has bought on students is tremendous. Of course, online learning has been there before, but no one has acknowledged it as widely as now. Students all over the world were thrilled when online education was introduced. But, now more people are highly accepting this.

Education Will Come Back Stronger after COVID
online education

Statistically speaking, online education delivers better results than traditional methods of learning. Students feel more flexible, adapt to the time’s schedule, and focus more through online classes than regular classes.

This has favored the education unit as people now know the factors which give better results. The demand for programming homework help and assistance for subjects has decreased because online classes have improved the productivity among most students.

Video-based learning

Who would have thought that the video form of learning, which we thought was distracting, was beneficial? It was always considered that students love to learn through videos. However, this tip was not implemented in full force. But during Covid times, education was entirely focused on videos.

Be it through power points or lectures. Everything was done in video form. This was the primary factor due to which students enjoyed learning. And to be honest, who wouldn’t? Learning through videos in motion is much more interesting than hearing lectures in class.

Videos seem to be more captivating, and students can follow the topics better. People were skeptical about video-based studies, but the results have been tremendous.

More self-study time

A significant change in productivity in students might be because online education offers a lot of self-study time. Continuous lectures and classes are exhausting. With online courses, we have found that the classes are minimal. There are long lectures, but the schedule for the rest of the day is quite different.

This is easy for students to grasp the topics and do their revisions for clarity. Due to this, the need of getting computer science assignment help and other online assistance has been relatively low. Self-study time is essential for students to study at their own pace. This was impossible due to lengthy study hours, which needed a shift.

Affordable means of learning

As we said, online education has always been there. Many students do not attend schools but learn through online programs. And it is not just limited to primary and high school students, but students who wish to study there can also get into online programs.

However, people were skeptical about these modes of learning and trusted traditional methods more. But with times, the acceptance has been tremendous in comparison to conventional ways of learning. In addition, it has been found out that online education programs are much cheaper.

If you want to experience just the education part without any extracurricular, then this is for you. Students who are only fond of learning without getting bothered about other activities can enroll in online learning programs and get the same degree at a lower cost.

Equality for distant learning

Online learning has made distance teaching a much favorable choice. We have all had experiences where one student is favored by the student. However, distant learning provides much equality and less favoritism. Through this, students can get equal attention from their professors.

Talking about distance learning, more countries have taken up the initiative of introducing it. Distant learning was quickly introduced in Siberia, Ghana, and other places as soon as covid emerged. Distant learning is a massive chance for students who cannot afford the living expenses while pursuing their degrees.

Earlier certificates from distant learning were not taken seriously, but now times have changed. More initiatives are taken to encourage distance learning and online education.

Now students who cannot afford the travel and living expenses can get equal learning perspectives from prestigious universities.

No more exam woes

One thing which we saw during online classes is that the fear of exams is now gone. Students enjoyed exams, or we can say that they were more stress-free during exams held online. This change was essential in students as exam stress proved to give fatal results.

The fear of anything can never lead to progress. This is a necessary step taken to ensure that students are getting educated without fear of grades. But also this leads to another question – are exams a good way of justifying education? Many people have given this matter a thought, and it has been discovered that some changes are necessary.

People have realized that grades were not a fair means, and educating everyone equally should be the priority. There was a massive change in education systems, and it was essential to cancel exams as it would be unfair. Cancellation of exams was a proof that focus should be on learning rather than just coring marks.

Pressing on technology

Technology was always thought of being the main factor making students lazy. But it is only through technology that education was carried on during such a phase. Online Environments are a gift of advancements.

Be it the internet or online modes of learning, everything has been possible due to technological advancements. And due to positive changes, more focus has been put on introducing technology-based learning. Starting from educational faculties to government, everyone is thinking of better ways to implement technology positively for students. This can bring a massive change in the future.

Private schools will be effected

Private schools have more fees than regular government schools or online learning programs. But with COVID-19 situation, a lot of parents are affected. COVID has affected the economic states of many. Many people have lost their jobs, and enrolling in public schools might not be a favorable option.

Due to that, we will see a massive influx in government schools or accepting online learning. But this also means we can see a decrease in fees for public schools. This will open learning doors for students who were not able to afford this earlier.

Although with time changing, things can go back to normal. But if this is a positive change, then the chances of following the trends are slightly high.

Education has always been a field considered essential but not paid much attention to in terms of technology. There have been advancements in education by introducing more facilities, but none of them gave the expected results.

COVID-19, which was thought to be scary, was not so frightening for the educational field. The education field has been drastically affected, and we can say it is for the better. Starting from the cancellation of exams to online learning and experimenting with new modes of education have been very advantageous.

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