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9 Simple Steps To Create A Sacred Space In Your Home

9 Simple Steps To Create A Sacred Space In Your Home

Create A Sacred Space

In the contemporary world, we live a very busy life. To fulfill our personal and professional aspirations, we work harder. We forget about our inner peace in the process of fulfilling our expectations. Lack of inner peace leads us to get stressed and tense. And when we are more distressed and disturbed, we start to look for having peace of mind that comes from visiting a sacred place such as a temple, church, mosque, or gurudwara. 

If you are one of the persons looking for inner peace, you should value the importance of sacred places. You can create such a space in your home by making a few changes in the decoration of your living room or other parts. Here are some practical steps for your support:

1. Make it clear what you mean by sacred

The term sacred means differently for different people. It can relate to a space for meditation, yoga, spiritual connection. For some people, it means peace, religion, and uplifting. It is you who have to decide what sacred means to you. In your explanation, you can say it means following spiritual rituals or developing peace inside you. Whatever it means to you, make it clear to move ahead. 

2. Determine why you should have a sacred space at your home

In almost all leading religions, it is said that God is present everywhere. It means the places where you live, sleep, study or work are sacred places for you. No, it’s not true. Have a close look into your life. You will find that you have a particular place for sleeping, eating, studying, or meeting someone at home. Similarly, you should have a space that you can use for offering prayers to your God, meditating, or performing yoga poses peacefully. 

3. Designate a space to create a sacred space in your home

For the creation of a sacred space in your home, you don’t need a whole room. You can select the top of a dresser, a corner in any room, or other space that you can find in your abode. As per your choice, you can designate a corner of your living room for a sacred space. This space can be a sacred one when you will be alone there. In a different way, it remains sacred even when my family members are present there. 

4. Value lighting for more visibility  

Without light, a space has no value after the sunset. Whether it is a common or sacred space, you should light it well. In lighting the space, you can use candles, diyas made of earth/metals, incense sticks, and decorative electric bulbs. Proper lighting will make the space visible to every one of your family members.  

5. Embellish the space 

After designating a spot for a sacred space, you should move ahead in decorating it. In the decoration, you can place symbolic things such as statues, photos, murals, and paintings as per your religious belief. Suppose that you are a devotee of Lord Ganesha and want to offer your prayer to him while being in your living room. You can buy Ganesha Paintings for living room. If the meaning of the term sacred is uplifting for you, go shopping for paintings for living room

6. Create your own altar 

In your home, you have several items. You have to find one of them that is meaningful to you. In the creation of your own altar, you can place a small piece of tile, pictures of your God, and the things that could make you calm. For some of you, walking around your neighborhood can make you have a different feel. As far as you are concerned, you should do the things that could produce peace, calmness, and happiness for you.

7. Bring the nature in

Being in the lap of nature makes a person be happy and feel calm and comfortable. If going close to nature is a tough job for you, think of bringing nature close to you. And for this, you can place/hang a few potted plants and flowers on the floor/from the wall of your living room. The presence of plants and fragrant flowers refreshes the atmosphere that can make you be calm and feel peace.

8. Follow a ritual 

A place doesn’t become a sacred space till no ritual is done there. For example, take your bedroom, which is usually used for meeting with your well wishers and spending time with your family members & friends. You can convert this place into a sacred space by following rituals as per your religious faith there. At a fixed time every day, you can sit there and start offering prayers to your God. As per your choice, you can use the space to mediate daily. 

9. Keep the space clean and organized 

Whatever the space in your home you have designated as a sacred space, you need to keep it clean. In this space, you should avoid placing unnecessary things. Further, make it clear it contains only relevant objects at proper places. For example, you have created your sacred place to perform yoga poses. You should place only yoga mats and allied accessories there. 


A sacred space has several meanings for several different people. In the creation of this one, you should have a clear idea about its meaning to you and follow the relevant steps. You can ask a spiritual/yoga leader to guide you in this regard if you still have confusion.         

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