Accessories Ideas For Quirky Brides And Bridesmaids

Accessories Ideas For Quirky Brides And Bridesmaids

Weddings are one of the most auspicious occasions for any girl in her whole lifetime. A perfect wedding for a bride stands when her squad twins with her in every aspect. You might know the fact that there are many challenges which a bride has to face at her wedding. But, she is not fighting these challenges alone. There are her friends and her squad who are helping her. There are many accessories on the list which will increase the look of bride elegance. These accessories ideas are not only for the brides, but they are also for the bridesmaids.

Accessories have always been a girl’s best friend. They always play a good role in gifting to your friend on her birthday or on her D-day. You never want to miss the personalized touch on every little thing with your squad. So, to ease your problems during your D-Day, here we are bringing you the most classic accessories ideas for the quirky brides and Bridesmaids.  These ideas will add more glitter to your wedding and will automatically uplift your mood. So, let’s start.

Accessories Ideas for Quirky Brides and Bridesmaids

This section will be bringing you the best accessory ideas that you can add up to your wedding. Let’s start.

1.     Pouches or Kits

Brides And Bridesmaids

Pouches or Kits are one of the best handy accessories that you can use to twin with your friends during the big day. Every woman wants things to match with their outfit. So, if you manage to get everything matched, then why not pouches and kits? There are a varied variety of personalized kits and pouches available in the market. If your maang tikka is of golden colour, then try to search for a complementary colour pouch or kit. It will look attractive and will increase your elegance level. You need not carry those heavy bags as a kit or pouch, instead, find something small, yet attractive.

2.    Shrugs

If you all are wearing the same clothes then you can be that wanted an attractive piece at the wedding. All the bridesmaids can wear the same shrug at the wedding with quirky colours. It will increase the show at the wedding and moreover, your photographs will look really nice. You can also give your robes and shrugs that personalised look which can even increase your elegance level.

3.    Experiment with combos

Brides And Bridesmaids

Well, yes you can also experiment with combo colours. Indian weddings are incomplete without colours. So, you can also do the twinning with the bridesmaids by doing experiments with colours. Of course, there would be one girl who will wish to keep her individuality, keep them up. Allow them to wear what they want to but keep their colour neutral and something different. Doing experiments with colours can seriously be a very good idea if implemented properly.

4.    Badges and Sashes

To make something common, you guys can also add badges or sashes to your outfit. The bride and all her bridesmaids can use these badges. Also, to separate the guests from ‘ladke wale’ and from ‘ladki wale’, you can give them these badges for an attractive look. This will be a fun element on your wedding day.

5.    Tiara

Brides And Bridesmaids

Tiara can also be that missing element in the wedding. They come in various designs. Floral tiara is one of the most attractive designs which can suit every outfit. Your squad will look damn elegant in these beautiful fairy style tiaras.

6.    Mix and match with the same hue

 Another option which you have is to give your bridesmaids the liberty to choose silhouettes. They all will choose the silhouettes according to their body shape. You can choose any size, but make sure the colour of one family should be the same. You can opt for a light monochrome colour while the bride can go for something dark. This will make your D-day special.

7.    Footwear

Brides And Bridesmaids

Footwear can steal everyone’s attention. You can style your beautiful juttis or boots and pair them up with a beautiful outfit. Share this idea with every bridesmaid. You can choose the same colour footwear which will make everything look classy.

8.    Brooch

Brides And Bridesmaids

Brooches are now becoming trendy day by day. They are mostly used in every wedding to increase the look of the wedding. They are new-in-thing. They are available for every sort of outfit whether it is jeans, jacket, or top. You can get your perfect brooch by searching them over the internet. The internet is flooded with innumerable stylish brooches.

9.    Pendants

Brides And Bridesmaids

You can also wear personalised pendants to attract everyone’s attention. Gone are the days when pendants only come in one or two styles. Now, they are available in every sort of style to match your perfect outfit. You can even wear your squad name pendant, your squad photo pendant, anything carved pendant. You can wear them all together to look elegant and classy. You can show your loved one the beautiful bond that you are sharing by wearing his/her name pendant.

10.  Personalized Clutches

Okay, this will be a really great idea if you are photogenic. All the members of your squad can face their back in front of the camera with those Personalised Clutches on. This has the potential to become one of the most attractive accessory ideas for the bride and the bridesmaids. Now, you can see a varied variety of clutches present in the modern-day. Wooden clutches and resin clutches are trending nowadays.

11.  Play up with similar prints

Yes, you can also play up with a similar print outfit which can look cohesive but unique. All girls want to look unique and sexy enough to attract attention. But, if you will be twinning with the other bridesmaids, then also you can become attractive enough.

12.  Go white when in doubt

Brides And Bridesmaids

Yes, white is a perfect idea when you are in doubt. It is a simple sober colour and will definitely look great on males. You can opt for white Kurti with embroidery or male can opt for something white plain kurta. It is simple, yet elegant. White is always an acceptable colour. So, here were some of the accessories ideas for the quirky brides and the bridesmaids. Everyone wants to look elegant on the wedding day, but if you have a squad, then you have ample options to look stylish with whole members. There should be a perfect blend of everything and you can search over the internet for more amazing ideas. For now, happy wedding and don’t forget to review this article in the comment section.

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