All You Need To Know About The Electrical Junction Box

All You Need To Know About The Electrical Junction Box

Electrical Distribution Box

Typically the electric junction box is used for extending circuits or adding a spur and offer direct power to additional sockets and lights. Getting appropriate use of electric junction boxes is highly important. For doing so, you should opt for an ideal Electrical Junction Box Manufacturer to purchase it and understand what junction box type should be used for lighting, radial circuits, and ring main. In this article, every difference, type, safety information are explained briefly.

Why are junction boxes utilized?

Junction boxes are used to join extra sockets to circuits, extend circuits, and add lighting points, and in usual, they are a reason for acquiring power from the subsisting source and proceeding it somewhere else. Besides these, they can also opt for repairs. 

If a cable has become impaired, the impaired section is slashed out, and the two sections connected back again using a junction box. Precisely, they are utilized for running a spur or connecting wires from an electrical circuit in a safe way. Whenever you look after connecting two or more electrical cables, a junction box would be ideal. As a reason, they are preferably used and are ultimately helpful for anyone working over electrics and wiring.

Types of electrical junction boxes:

Electrical junction boxes are accessible in a wide range of multiple types. There are two significant differences that you will require to look after while you buy the junction box:

  • Rating  
  • Terminals

Multiple different patterns of junction boxes you can opt for your usage. Each one will vary slightly depending on the Electrical Junction Box Manufacturers, i.e., it differs in the terminal layout, distinct moldings, etc., but the necessities should all be exact.

  • Standard junction box
  • Maintenance-free junction box

The differences, types, and ultimate benefits are discussed briefly below.

Junction box amp rating: Junction boxes are typically rated in amps to secure them, both you and the circuit. It is you who have to ensure that you got the correct box for the right job. A radical circuit and also a ring main will require a 30 amp rating junction box. On the other hand, a lighting circuit will require a 20 amp rating junction box.

  • Junction box terminals and wiring:

Electrical Junction Box Manufacturers construct junction boxes with either 3,4,5 or six terminals, so to work out, you will need to know which is required to complete your project. junction and connection.

Substantially three types of terminals are employed in the junction box, which is as follows:

  • Single screw terminal:

The name itself suggests this terminal has a single screw that is screwed secured into the cable cores connected to secure them all simultaneously on a one connection point.

  • Bussbar screw terminals:

The cable cores are lodged into their holes and then closed by screwing down on them to confine them securely. It is crucial to ensure whether the terminal hole is adequately large for the cable core to fit compactly. These terminals are comparatively easy and quick to operate.

  • Maintenance-free or easy connect terminals:

Each cable core is lodged into its hole in the terminal. The cables are either push-fit or secured by levers. The number of cores that can be joined at each terminal is restricted by the number of holes in every terminal. Typically 2-8 is the limited number. They are swift to connect and pretty straightforward to use.

Square or round junction boxes (standard junction boxes):

There is no need for a junction box to be in a specific shape, either square or round; they both are common. As per the general principle, usually, the more common square boxes opted for lower current cables.

Maintainance free junction box:

Electric Junction Box Manufacturers commonly design maintenance-free junction boxes to substitute the standard round or square junction boxes typically utilized in household wiring. Their popularity is that they are pro at saving nearly 75 percent of the time needed to wore a standard junction box.

Wiring a junction box:

In this section, it is briefly explained that how to wire a standard pattern junction box. It is not a big deal about the number of terminals or ratings; however, the process is the same in both cases.

  • Connecting two wire sections:

Ensure to keenly check whether the power is off and connect the cables in the junction box.

  • Making a spur by using a junction box:

If you aspire to spur off from a current circuit to offer power to a new light socket, in this case again, you have to ensure that the power is completely off and the circuit is insulated and add a spur by using a junction box.

To fix the cables in the junction box:

  • The cables should be deprived to expose the cable cores, but make sure you do not perform this back past the junction box itself. The cable which leaves the junction box should be complete and perfect.
  • The cable cores are required to be deprived before being lodged into the terminals. Try to reveal the minimal amount of the conductor as required. However, 10mm would usually be sufficient for this.
  • Opt for yellow and green earth sheathing to wrap the earth, which will most likely be unwrapped.

To secure a junction box once it is installed:

Electrical Junction Box Manufacturers built junction boxes firmly, easy to use, and with a very optimal surface. It is the last step where you have to make sure to screw the junction box properly to a joist or instead by way of the securing holes. After the junction box is fixed or settled to a secure surface and the wiring is joined to the terminals and tested, you can shut the junction box and ensure it is not left open and uncovered. Therefore the cover is screwed and secured using the offered securing screw. 


In the above-given information, we have learned the differences and each type of junction boxes and what services it offers. Therefore, understand your needs and select an optimal junction box from an ideal Electrical Junction Box Manufacturers for getting optimal results.

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