Lake Kareri – A wonderful Trail With Snow Water Spring

So I am to take you to Kareri Lake, located in the Dauladhar region of the Himalayas, through my incredible trekking experience. About me and Planmytrek I have travelled through all my country and used all modes of transport, road and rail, stayed at many big hotels, visited my hill stations & beaches. I have been to many beautiful places […]

Top 10 Places To Visit Kasol

You’ll find a hamlet in Kullu, which nature has blessed Kasol, on your way to Manikaran from Bhuntar, or vice versa. This small town is closer to Manikaran and, thanks to the different trekking trails and stunning views, is a backpacker’s paradise. The village is known as ‘Mini Israel in India’ because many Israelis visit Himachal Pradesh. The village is […]

Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Trek – A Travel Guide 2021

A quaint town in the mesmerizing Parvati Valley, Kasol Kheerganga Tosh is a beautiful Himachal trek. An outstanding choice among avid trekkers in Himachal, Kheerganga is known for its high temp water springs. There is a sanctuary here devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati that is worth admiring. Kheerganga was named after the Parvati waterway which streams adjacent to […]

9 Amazing Attractions In New Zealand Not To Be Missed

The Long White Cloud Land is just such a joy to discover. This tiny island provides a variety of landscapes, from bubbling geothermal pools to rolling green wines through ancient rain forests and glaciers. The population of New Zealand is just about 4.6 million, spread throughout a nation slightly bigger than in Britain, meaning there are no crowds or plenty […]

Top 10 Visiting Places In Kerala

Keralan ‘Gods’ Country has a coastline on the Arabian Sea and its Eastern frontier with the majestic Western Ghat, a narrow strip of land that lies along the south-west tip of India. With abundant natural beauty, Kerala is one of India’s most visited tourist places, with its palm-fringed backwater, romantic hill resorts, authentic ayurvedic therapies, and palmaceous beaches. Also classified […]

10 Reasons To Visit Australia

Australia is one of the world’s remote and, ironically, amongst the backpackers and budget travelers, one of the most popular locations. Not many Americans prefer to visit Australia because of its distance from the United States. The flights are long and costly and it doesn’t make sense to many travelers to fly for only a few weeks. However, here are […]

TOP 10 Visiting Places In Malaysia

Malaysia’s destination is popular with tourists: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Langkawi – Malaysia. TOP 10 places in Malaysia to visit here. You’re contemplating a return journey? Where to go this time, always wondering? Why should Malaysia not visit? South East Asia is a melting pot of cultures and provides many opportunities for sightseeing. Malaysia is the ideal place for visitors […]

Top 20 Best Beauty Spots In South Africa

1. Coffee Bay’s Wildness The effortless sandy bays of Coffee Bay are an unsurpassable mix on the wild coast, between East London and Port Edward, with its steep green hillsides, rocks, wild aliens, towering round-the-clock huts, and the notable hole-in-the-wall. Country of hippies, surfers, hikers, and the Xhosa people, the beach scenery is unbelievably unbeatable. 2. Cederberg Red Sandstone The […]