Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Europe

Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Europe

Are you searching for the best places in Europe to celebrate Christmas and New Year Eve? Do you wish to do something exciting this holiday season other than lighting a Christmas tree in the same house? If yes, you have come to the right place. Get to know about the interesting things to do this festive season. 

Here are the few beautiful places perfect for celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Europe

Prague, Czechia

Prague is a paradise and an incredibly beautiful city that shines like a diamond on Christmas with festive decorations. In winters, there is white snow all over the streets, enhancing the overall outlook of the place. Moreover, its marvelous architecture, charming backdrop, and popular holiday markets are its major highlights. Tourists can taste mulled wine and delicious food items like a traditional hot sugar-coated pastry, roasted hams, and trdelnik. 

In addition, the old town square hosts a unique and impressive Christmas market for locals and tourists. Alluring wooden huts are famous for offering festive delights, from craft giftings to incredible Christmas tree decoration stuff. One can also visit the stable featuring donkeys, sheep, and goats and witness the dazzling holiday spirits among people. Suppose you have booked JetBlue flights to Europe’s best holiday destinations and plan to change your itinerary details. Talk to the team and learn about the JetBlue change flight requirements you need to meet before departure. 

Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland

It is said that Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus, lying just north of the Arctic Circle. The place is beautiful and looks extra gorgeous with the Christmas and New Year Eve decorations. Moreover, the alluring scenery of snow and pine forests and the smell of freshly baked cookies and fruit candies wins people’s hearts. Tourists can enroll in Elf School and take a Calligraphy class to write down the Christmas wish lists. Moreover, there will be husky dog rides and reindeer safaris, and one can spend the night at an ice hotel. 

Madeira Islands, Portugal

Tourists can experience a tropical, charming, and joyful New Year and Christmas holiday trip in Madeira Islands, Portugal. It is the most beautiful and sunniest island in Europe and has remained a favorite festive place throughout the years. Popular things to do here are hiking in the nature parks, birdwatching, and exploring the beautiful sites. Moreover, places like Biarritz, Madeira, Cannes, and Marbella are major hubs for tourism, offering great festive exposure. 

In addition, there are beautiful waterfalls, picturesque spots, and long beaches worth exploring in the area. After sightseeing, enjoy a meal at Villa Cipriani in Funchal or have drinks at Calheta Beach on New Year’s Eve. Besides, reach the top of Madeira’s peak and see the best sunrise views from Pico do Arieiro. 

Grindelwald, Switzerland 

There are two dramatic peaks in the Swiss Alps and a beautiful village. It has been a setting for several films, including gorgeous scenery in the documentary “The Alps” and “The Golden Compass.” The rugged mountains were used as a backdrop for the scenes of Alderaan in “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.” Moreover, the twinkling lights and tree decorations make the surroundings even more alluring in the Christmas season. You will get plenty of mulled wine and handmade stuff in the Christmas holiday market. 

Innsbruck, Austria 

Innsbruck is among the top-rated holiday destinations, featuring dramatic landscapes, snow-covered mountains, and beautiful buildings. Moreover, the site offers jaw-dropping scenery in abundance, making it an ideal choice for travel. Each town in the city has unique features, festive vibes, and traditional things selling in the lively markets. Tourists can explore the modern markets at Maria-Theresia-Strasse and The Old Town market, featuring stalls with gingerbread and precious ornaments. In addition, one can buy wooden toys, hand-blown glass, scented candles, handmade crafts, and arts and palatable pastries. Also, you can’t leave without tasting the traditional food items like Kiachl and a cup of mulled wine.

Valkenburg, Netherlands 

Valkenburg lies in the center of Christmas celebrations near the German border. It hosts some popular Christmas markets in a cave, making it a major highlight during the festive season. Moreover, the site is the oldest and largest underground holiday market in Europe, set up in a labyrinth of passages. Visitors check out the reindeer sleigh and a room full of gifts on Christmas night. Since the festival is almost here, book your flight tickets and spend memorable holidays this year in Europe. If you have booked tickets in America and want to know about its flight upgrade guidelines, visit its official site. Get to know about the American Airlines change flight policy and make seamless changes in the itinerary. 

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