Check-list of Kitchen Essentials for Hosting A Perfect Dinner Party

Check-list of Kitchen Essentials for Hosting A Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting A Perfect Dinner Party

Are you hosting a party tonight? I did it a week before, and I learned some significant lessons and applied some too. Hosting a party is a wholesome experience, but the action happening before the final show is the most vital process. If that goes right, then your guests won’t stop complimenting and appreciating your efforts. So, here is the personalized list you can follow before you host a dinner party:

Decide the menu first! Of course, the essential component of a dinner party, besides the guests, is dinner. So, prepare a list of all the dishes from drinks to desserts and then the ingredients you will need for it. You can shop all the ingredients the day before to avoid the last-minute rush on dinner day. 

If you are going to serve wine, beer, cocktails, etc. – stock up on those items too. Also, check the tools you will require to make the dishes and serve them. Here is a quick list of must-have dinner-party tools for the kitchen. You can note down the tools that can help you with making and serving your dinner menu.

  • Knife set with an array of knives, don’t forget chef’s knife and a paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Bottle opener
  • Mixing bowls
  • Teapot kettle (for serving any hot beverage)
  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • Skillet
  • Saucepan
  • Large pot
  • Wine glasses
  • Beer glasses
  • Water glasses
  • Corkscrew
  • Small plates 
  • Side dishes
  • Large plates
  • Bowls
  • Cutlery
  • Napkins
  • Serving dishes
  • Serving spoons
  • Create a pleasant ambiance with candles or a vintage floral teapot kettle

To be a perfect host, you will need to pay equal attention to kitchen tools as much as food. There are some more dinner essentials that we will discuss in brief below:

  1. Table Runners

You could have the most vintage dinner table in the world. But have you thought about beautifying that vintage table with a table runner? There’s no more straightforward yet effective table decoration than a table runner. They quickly add style to your table. Not only these, but you also can use a well-selected table runner as an excellent theme-building tool too.

Now, coming to the most beneficial part of having table runners- they usually lessen the amount of after-party cleaning the host has to do. The host needs to take those table runners off the table, wipe them or wash them, and that’s it. And you can even reuse these table runners.

  1. Coasters

What types of drinks are you serving tonight? Maybe original mai tais, diamond cocktails, or the classic martinis on the rock. If so, then people are going to enjoy the drinks counter for sure. And I assume you have a bottle opener; if not, thank me for one of those drinks. Here is one more suggestion you will thank me for considering having coasters to go underneath those fancy drinks.

Coasters are helpful in enhancing the table detailing, probably the one that the majority of the guests won’t miss noticing. And the presence of those coasters will make you look like someone who embraces details. I mean, who won’t appreciate a vintage-looking classic wood coaster with minimal carvings or designs under their drinks? Of course, you can go for more fancy or colorful ones too.

  1. Serving Platters

Organizing appetizers and desserts on the serving platters look visually appealing. These elegant serving platters have one benefit for the host too. Nice-sized platters make serving easier for hosts. These serving platters make carrying several servings of food easy so that you can avoid the clumsiness and the embarrassment of breaking or falling a dish or two.

  1. Proper Cutlery

Many of us typically don’t use the proper cutlery at mealtime. We probably get done with our dinner using our salad forks and our soup spoons to eat dessert. But have you thought that your guests might be subscribed to different food etiquette rules? 

Some might be comfy and informal, while some might be very precise and formal in their eating habits. The lesson here is that you must invest in proper cutlery that suits the dishes you are planning to serve. Also, don’t forget to take lessons on organizing this cutlery in a correct manner from quick internet searches. 

Serving it All

Now that you have a list of kitchen essentials, I am sure that you will host a perfect dinner. Warm welcome, theme decorations (even mild yellow lightning can do wonders), attending guests with love, and a great dinner (of course with all the details) can make any dinner party an event to remember. Also, some fun activities or games would be the cherry on the top.

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