Commercial Pilot License: One of The Highest Paid Jobs in The Country

Commercial Pilot License: One of The Highest Paid Jobs in The Country

Commercial Pilot License in USA

Not many people know about what a commercial pilot license (CPL) is. They are either misinformed or have half knowledge about it. Most of their assumptions based on commercial pilots are that these pilots only work for the airlines. However, this is only a half-truth. It is not mandatory for a commercial pilot to work for an airline only. They can be cargo pilots, tour pilots, or backcountry pilots or can be a corporate or charter pilots, etc. In fact, commercial pilots can also be flight instructors, ferry pilots, or glider tow pilots. 

To fly a regular passenger aircraft or an airline one needs to be clear about the specific requirements involved in obtaining the commercial pilot license (CPL).

For example, an airline pilot requires a commercial pilot certificate or an Airline Transport Certificate. 

If one wants to act as a First Officer or a Co-Pilot of an aircraft weighing more than 5700 kg, he/she needs to have a CPL along with the current aircraft rating. But to act as Captain (Commander or Pilot in Command of the aircraft) on aircraft weighing more than 5700 kg one needs to have a current ATPL with current aircraft rating. 

When we talk about the best place to get a commercial pilot license then USA is the name that instantly comes across. USA is the world’s topmost destination for international candidates who are looking for Commercial Pilot Training(CPL). The courses and training offered in USA are some of the best one could ever ask for.

Every year, USA witnesses a lot of Indian students pursuing their careers in commercial pilot training.

Students get a lot of exposure and confidence after living, learning, and working in the US. However, in few countries, exposure is slightly less when compared with USA. The US gives the opportunity to interact and engage with people from diverse groups. In USA one gets exposure to fly in busy airspace, opportunity to perform SIDS, STARS, different precision and non-precision instrument approaches, etc. 

USA is one of those places where one can find the most professional and reputed instructors. You get the chance to get trained under well-qualified trainers who will strive hard to boost your knowledge about an aircraft and other factors associated with this.

Another factor that makes USA the most preferred destination for commercial pilot training (CPL) is the weather. It is just perfect for training purposes. Also, the time taken to complete your Commercial Pilot License in USA is much less as compared to many other countries. One can complete an entire training course in about 7-9 months if one takes up the course as a full-time student. 

Commercial Pilot License in USA


The eligibility criteria for an FAA commercial pilot license are mentioned below:

· An aspirant must be of at least18 years of age

· He/she should be able to read, speak, write, and understand English as the language.

• Pass FAA Medical Examination with FAA approved medical examiner 

Scope in Commercial Pilot Training

When you choose aviation as a career field, you get added advantages associated with the field. You can start your career early and if you have a commercial pilot license then you become eligible as a co-pilot in an aircraft whose weight is more than 5700 kg and can act as pilot in command on an aircraft whose weight is up to 5700 kg, provided you are rated on that type of aircraft as well . There will be a big demand for commercial pilots in coming years. So, it a good idea to opt for commercial pilot license for anyone who is very passionate about flying. 

Duration of becoming a pilot

It takes a minimum of 7-9 months to obtain a commercial pilot license (CPL) with zero experience.

Medical Requirements

To obtain the privileges of a commercial pilot license, one must show a first-class medical certificate or as required by an institution.

Health Requirements for Commercial Pilot License

There are certain norms and health standards that candidates must abide by. A candidate should have perfect vision (6/6 with or without spectacles), hearing capacity, sound equilibrium, and mental status and a healthy heart, etc. This will enable him to fly the aircraft hassle-free.

Salary of a pilot

Undoubtedly, the job of a pilot is one of the highest-paid jobs in the country. The salary of a co-pilot differs from INR 1.5-2 lakh/month. With experience salary increases, a captain in India can earn between 5-9 Lakhs/ month. 

These are some requirements that any aspirants must fulfil in order to get a commercial pilot license. Along with this, it depends upon the place from where one is taking the training.

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