Customizing Wedding Venues In Lafayette, LA

Customizing Wedding Venues In Lafayette, LA

Customizing Wedding Venues

Weddings are a personal affair and the event is sure to leave a mark in your as well as your guests’ memories. Every little detail about your wedding would have an impression. The decoration, the food, the venue. All of these are integral for a good wedding day. Also, your wedding day is a mirror of your preferred style. You can choose any style you want; relaxed, fun, quirky, rustic, or natural.

‘While planning your big day make sure that you start with the wedding venue as it is the most crucial of all factors involved in making a great wedding day. There are a lot of wedding venues in Lafayette, LA. So, make sure you check out all your options before zeroing on a certain venue. 

Make sure to go through different types of themes and styles. You can take inspiration from Pinterest or may be inspired from a wedding you attended. Be vocal about your ideas and make sure that you convey each of your ideas clearly to the wedding planner. A smooth line of communication between you and your wedding planner will ensure a grand wedding day that suits your liking. 

Wedding venues in Lafayette LA are easily customizable. Here are some cues to customize your wedding venue

Be consistent in your approach

Start with thinking about the color tones of your wedding. There must be a central color theme that runs through your wedding and binds every aspect of decoration. Just focus on the idea and feel of the auspicious day and you will easily figure out the color theme you want on your wedding day. 

Once you get the theme and color right everything else can be underpinned easily to give a seamless finish to your wedding. 


Weddings sure use a lot of displays. Select flowers for the display and while doing so give some thought to it. As it is one of your biggest days, you would surely not want any last-minute alterations to the decorations. 

You can take a look at all the previous weddings. This will give you an idea of how different flowers appeal to the guests. Also, you can ask the manager at the wedding venues in Lafayette, LA to suggest to you some floral displays that would go well with the wedding venue. As they have experience and are familiar with the wedding venue they can give you much better advice. 

Table decorations

The wedding table is what gathers your guests and gives them a chance to exchange pleasantries and communicate with each other. So make sure that the seating is planned out accordingly. There is a fine line when deciding the seating plan for the guests. Do not pull all of your close acquaintances and blood relations in one place. Instead, spread them evenly in the room. 

Also, decorate the table as per the main theme of the wedding. Table decorations must have the central color of the wedding. For this also you can check out Pinterest. 

Drape the venue

Check with the venue manager or the wedding organizer that is it possible to have drapes at your wedding venue in Lafayette, LA. drapes add glamour to the whole event and give it quite a royal feel. It upstages the ambiance of the whole wedding and they are easy to handle. 

Match the drapes with the color of your lighting and voila! You have got a perfect wedding venue that is simply amazing. 

Finding a wedding venue in Lafayette, LA is easy. You have several options. How you decorate the venue is what matters. Click here to see the available wedding venues in Lafayette, LA.

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