Define Root Canal Treatment Does It Cause Pain?

Define Root Canal Treatment Does It Cause Pain?

Root Canal Treatment

The concept of single sitting RCT (Root Canal Treatment) is structured upon entombing theory. Let us put this more straightforwardly. Root canal treatment is nothing but the process of removing microorganisms during cleaning and shaping. It is highly advantageous because it saves time. One or two appointments are enough to perform the entire process.

Root canal treatment in Kolkata is quite popular, where a patient gets the opportunity to clean the canals to avoid infections and remove the infected pulps. Typically, we require 30 to 60 minutes to complete the procedure. However, time could be more for critical cases.

The sphere of modern oral treatment and medicines is undergoing change and innovation. The dental clinic and root canal treatment in Kolkata ensures a painless RCT procedure. Until now, all our cases had been successful, and patients are satisfied with our performance.

Explaining Root Canal Treatment 

The root canal treatment comes under the section of Advanced Dentistry. Single sitting RCT is nothing new but a concept which is 100 years old. More recent research and advanced technology have made its scope and acceptance wider. According to the root canal treatment in Kolkata, shaping and cleaning are of high importance for RCT. The other parts of concern for RCT are 3D filing of the canal system and disinfection.

Patients with painful tooth nerve tissue, muscle degeneration, gum pimples, and tooth abscess must consult us as early as possible.

What Causes Infections in the Pulp Tissues?

Now that we know that you need to undergo root canal treatment to heal the infected pulp tissues in the tooth, we also need to understand its causes. We feel prevention is always better than cure. 

Pulp infection is the result of

● Trauma to your tooth

● Chips and cracks

● Deep tooth decay

● Repetition of dental procedures

Patients can identify the symptoms by swelling the tooth, visible injury, severe pain in gums and tooth, temperature sensitivity etc. 

We perform local anesthesia before we remove the infected pulp tissues from your mouth. 

Advantages of Single Sitting RCT

Different patients have different complications. So, we cannot recommend root canal treatment for all. Nonetheless, RCT has many benefits. We believe all treatments are a two-way process. So, we invest time in educating our patients on oral affairs. 

● Usually, the acceptance of RCT amongst patients is much.

● Comparatively, RCT is a time-saving process than other dental procedures.

● Patients do not have significant off-shoots or any severe symptoms. The root canal treatment in Kolkata ensures no exudates, pus drainage, or bleeding during the procedure.

● There is no chance of pulp stone or calcification in canals.

● See & Smile Dental Clinic assures that Root Canal Treatment has minimal or no ledge formation and blockage chances.

● RCT is the apt choice for patients who require rehabilitation for the entire mouth. RCT is also beneficial for physically disabled people for whom it is difficult to commute to the clinic. Some patients need sedation who can try root canal treatment.

Does a Root Canal Procedure Cause Pain?

Gone are the days when people used to fear the root canal procedure. But, with advanced technology, things have become relatively easy. Many of you have experience with a dental filling. So, the background for a root canal treatment would not be much different than a deep filing. 

You do not suffer from any pain while dentists perform this procedure, as local anesthesia is done to numb the gums and tooth. We can assure you that your root canal treatment would be performed comfortably. 

How Do You Take Care of Your Teeth After RCT?

Patients can witness a tender feeling in their teeth after the completion of the process. 8 prescribes analgesics or anti-inflammatory medicines to treat sensitivity. A patient must cooperate with the dentists during the procedure. He must follow the advice religiously for a quick recovery of their treated teeth.

Why Us?

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is crucial for everyone. To ensure perfect oral health, you must consult experts like See & Smile Dental Care. You may browse for further information.

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