Everything You Need to Know About Mainland Company Setup

Everything You Need to Know About Mainland Company Setup

Company Setup

Company Setup business setup in Dubai is primarily the inception or the registration of a company, an enterprise, organisation, firm, or even a business entity with the UAE Department of Economic Development. If you happen to be an entrepreneur and are planning to implement your operations within the Dubai market, then you have to get your business registered with the DED. Department of Economic Development is the place that will provide you the license to conduct all the legal operations related to business in the jurisdiction.

Mainland Business Setup in Dubai: Everything To Know

Primarily, Dubai’s business ecosystem follows utmost professionalism with robust work culture and ethics, making it one of the best locations. Therefore, these simple procedures and policies of business implementation can be adhered to with the help of consultants. The jurisdiction is the best sport for a booming business environment and natural resources in bounty.

The Department of Economic Development provides three kinds of licenses related to mainland Dubai licenses which encompass:

  1. Commercial licenses relevant to trading activities
  2. Professional licenses that are suitable for service activities like craftsmanship, artisans, and professionals.
  3. Industrial licenses to launch either a manufacturing or an industrial business in any area within UAE or Dubai.

Why Dubai is an Ideal Location for Company Formation?

Dubai is no less than a brand in itself, and it doesn’t need to be promoted, marketed, or explained. The city is an iconic and perfect mainland company setup, owing to its geographical location, diversity, culture, etc. Dubai is on its path to a better future and is the first choice for entrepreneurs who wish to set up their mainland company formation. Through mainland business setup, business founders can reap benefits from the leverage taxation regimes and suitable economic policies.

Top Best Reasons Why Mainland Business Setup in Dubai Proves Worthwhile

You Gain the Freedom to Operate and Run Your Business from Any Region of UAE

Dubai’s mainland company formation to your surprise isn’t solely limited to Dubai but rather provides the freedom to operate your business amongst any of the seven Emirates that run inclusive of Dubai, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman, Sharjah followed by Abu Dhabi.

You Are Completely Exempted from Corporate Tax

The advantages keep increasing with complete exemption from corporate tax for companies in Mainland Dubai. It is not something that happens for foreign investment in other global countries. However, UAE offers 100% exemption from corporate tax, hence paving way for an ideal business result.

You Enjoy 100% Income Tax Exemptions

The companies in Dubai Mainland and their counterparts all over the seven Emirates are given 100% income tax exemptions. The beneficial tax exemptions lead to the business founders being eligible for 100% exemption from profits and capital.

You Don’t Need Any Minimum Capital and You Enjoy Restrictions for Zero Currency Exchange

It doesn’t matter if you are conducting business in Ajman, Sharjah, or even Dubai, the Dubai mainland company setup will allow you to enjoy zero currency exchange restrictions. The states in the Emirates grow and develop on foreign business and don’t have minimum capital needs, offering better flexibility, incentives followed by concessions to the investors.

Setting up Your Business in Dubai’s Mainland Involves a Simple Procedure

The legal process associated with launching your business in Dubai’s mainland is smooth and the processing of visas is hassle-free. The procedures include motivating the investors and business entrepreneurs, making the entire setup procedure quick and seamless. You don’t even require yearly audits at UAE’s mainland. These versatile aspects make Dubai company formation easier and encourage the international entrepreneurs to directly operate with the local market.

How Can Dubai’s Mainland Company Setup Benefit You?

With the UAE doubling up as your pathway to the Middle East, and the remaining world, Dubai’s Mainland company setup will benefit your business. Some of the benefits that you can count upon regarding Dubai’s company set up in the mainland jurisdiction are capital incentives, income tax exemptions, currency exchange restrictions, etc.

Why Choose Mainland Company Setup in Dubai Over Free Zone Company Setup?

Dubai’s mainland company holds a valid license for a business that is issued by the DED. Contrary to this, a free zone company gets licensing by the free zone authority. Some of the primary advantages of choosing mainland company formation over free zone company formation are:

Mainland Companies Can Trade Internationally and All Across the Emirates

  • The companies established in Dubai’s mainland area can trade and offer services with anybody and everybody across the country sans facing restrictions.
  • The Dubai mainland companies can get involved in any type of trade sans bothering about getting permission to do so from the local authority.
  • The mainland companies in Dubai can perform local trading and deliver services to the UAE.
  • You can trade globally, which means you can operate your business from within and outside the UAE through the free trade policies.

Mainland Companies in Dubai Can Encourage Business Expansion Both Internationally and Within the UAE

  • The companies in Dubai mainland can opt for business expansion to all the parts of Emirates and Dubai.
  • Companies that have acquired the Dubai mainland license can choose for international trading and go for global presence expansion.

Your Company in Dubai Mainland Can Better Engage with Either GCC or UAE Governments

Dubai mainland companies can perform their business along either quasi-government and government bodies in GCC/UAE. This implies that your company is allowed to bid for government contracts or tenders in verticals like tourism, transport, realty annually worth billions of dollars.

Company setup professionals and specialists can help you with mainland company formation. You can all types of assistance starting from document notarisation, contract drafting, company registration followed by the acquisition of trade license, etc. It is their association with the Government bodies that help them to aid you with quick Government approvals for your mainland business setup.

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