Explore The Remarkable Discovery Of Portable Speaker

Explore The Remarkable Discovery Of Portable Speaker

Portable speakers have truly revolutionized the way we listen to music. Now, one no longer has to make an effort to set up an entire home theatre to enjoy high-quality music. Portable speakers can offer you top-notch sound quality with just the tap of a button. What’s more? You can also connect with your loved ones over a video call and hear their voice through a portable speaker.

It is hard not to get your hands on a portable speaker with so many perks. Here are some of the best portable speakers in the market right now.

1. JBL Flip 3 Splashproof 16 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker brings life to every party. With its splashproof coating, the speaker is immune to getting damaged from exposure to water. Its dual bass radiator lends a powerful punch to your favourite tracks. You can connect to up to 3 smart devices simultaneously and listen to the song of your choice on the go. 

2. Philips BT40 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tiny, round yet powerful, this amazing portable speaker from Philips does not let you feel the absence of a home theatre. Its powerful sound output delivers rich audio clarity for you to enjoy. Due to the addition of a strap, carrying it on the road is also easier than ever. Available at only Rs. 1,999, this speaker from Philips is definitely worth the price. 

3. boAt Stone 260 4 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Carry your music everywhere with this portable speaker from boAt. Affordably priced at only Rs. 2,490, the speaker offers a significant number of features. Its impactful sound can make any song better. Furthermore, the bass adds depth to even the most sombre sounds. 

4. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Inexpensive and effective, this portable speaker from JBL has it all. It promises a powerful yet sophisticated sound quality. Its dual equalizer allows you to adjust the bass by adjusting the volume buttons. Its battery promises to last as long as 9 hours at a stretch to add to that feature. The speaker comes at just Rs. 2,999.

5. Portronics SoundDrum Plus a 15W POR-1040 Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Stereo Speaker

Set up a party anywhere with this Portronics 15W portable speaker. The Sound Drum Plus is perfect for music and for enjoying movies and TV shows. Thanks to the addition of a built-in microphone, you can also multi-task with the speaker and use it for calls. 

6. JBL GO2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music all day long with this JBL GO2 Portable JBL Bluetooth Speaker. Compatible with Bluetooth v5.0, the speaker can be connected to most smart devices (including phones, laptops etc.). You can long-press a button on it to activate Google Assistant and get work done hands-free. Thanks to its dynamic sound quality and portability, its price of Rs. 2,999 is wholly justified. 

7. Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This multi-faceted portable speaker from Zebronics truly stands out. Its handle makes it easy to carry around. You can also insert your SD card to play a select playlist on it. Furthermore, it reproduces high-resolution audio with deep, impactful bass. A playback time of 10 hours can last a couple of parties with just one charge. 

8. boAt Stone Grenade 5 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Get an immersive audio experience with this portable speaker from boAt and its 5W sound. It is designed to make it easily portable so that you can listen to it on the go. Being water and shock resistant, you should never worry about getting damaged. Its multiple connectivity options include Bluetooth, AUX and SD card. You can now choose how you want to listen to your favourite tracks.

Portable speakers can add life to any party. Carry your music anywhere and set up a party in the hills or deep in the woods. JBL is a brand that has made its name in the world of portable speakers. They’re affordable and deliver impactful audio quality. boAt is another company that creates tiny yet powerful portable speakers. 

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that substitutes the need for an elaborate home theatre system, the 15W portable speaker from Portronics is the one to go for. A punch of bass, accurate pitch and long battery life is the recipe for you to find the perfect portable speaker. 

Portable speakers are one of the greatest inventions in the audio sphere. They are multi-faceted; they can be used at parties, on the road, while watching a movie or while listening to a song all by yourself. You can choose from a range of portable speakers, each one coming with its unique features.

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