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Get the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

Get the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

Get the Best Water Purifier for Your Home

Safety starts with good health. Due to rising urbanization and activities, the level of pollution has increased. This, in turn, has polluted the drinking water. It is important to consume fresh and clean drinking water that is completely free of any sediment or pollutants. It is not a cost-effective approach to boil water or buy packaged drinking water on a regular basis. This is why the advent or usage of water purifiers has increased over the last few years. Every household now uses a water purifier to maintain good health and a healthy standard of living. A water purifier is the best technology that helps individuals with instant access to safe drinking water. The water purification technologies like RO, UV and UF water purifiers help in the purification of contaminated water. There are various technologies and different brands with amazing features. All of these can confuse you completely, so you need to make a better decision. There are factors that you need to consider, and based on that, you need to make the right purchase of the best water purifier for home. Here is everything that you need to know about the water purifier.

Types of water purifier

  • RO water purifier: A RO water purifier is a water purification technology that helps you to purify contaminated water. It is applicable to hard drinking water that is filled with sediment and pollutants. The reverse osmosis system works with a semipermeable membrane and other filters like sediment filters and carbon filters. These filters will eradicate all harmful hard metals and solid pollutants from drinking water. It is a good option if you want to opt for 100% purification at an affordable cost. This is available everywhere on the market.
  • The UV water purifier is based on the ultraviolet ray purification system, where the harmful and strong ultraviolet rays are used on contaminated water to kill all harmful microorganisms. It is applicable to soft water that has more contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that cause several diseases. A UV water purifier is helpful in attaining healthy and clean drinking water so that you do not suffer from any waterborne diseases.
  • UF water purifier: An UF water purifier is applicable for hard drinking water that helps you to purify your contaminated drinking water. It does not use electricity, and this can be a great benefit. You can easily save on your utility bills. It has filters like carbon and sediment filters that can filter out all the harmful pollutants from drinking water.

How to choose the best water purifier for home

Type of water:

The type of drinking water you consume should decide the type of water purifier you will get. If you have hard drinking water that has more solid contaminants and pollutants, you will need an RO water purifier. For soft drinking water with more microorganisms and bacteria, you will need a UV water purifier. The UV water purifier is meant to kill all the soft water contaminants that can cause several types of health ailments. If you want a water purifier that works without the need for electricity, you can go for the UF water purifier like carbon and water filters.


Technologies should be purchased after considering the right brand. When you purchase from the right brand, you actually get the best models that are affordable and maintain good performance. When you choose a water purifier from LG, you will choose from the best models on the market. This is not all. You will find the best price and the performance of the water purifier will be the best. It will be helpful for you to invest in the right product.


A water purifier is always an affordable option. However, there will be brands that offer expensive ones. With LG, you will find all types of water purifiers that fit well into your budget. You can easily manage your budget and purchase one without any hurdles. If you want, you can purchase it online so that you get amazing deals and offers on water purifiers such as getting the best water purifier under 15000.


A water purifier should be of the right capacity that you should look out for. It depends upon your requirement for water consumption. The need for water for a bachelor will not be the same for a joint family. So, you must consider this as a vital factor that you need to consider when you aim for an investment. LG has a good range of water purifiers with different capacities.

Wrapping up

The best water purifier for your home is a RO water purifier. Choose LG to get the best water purifier under 15000, easily without any hurdles. Choose the right water purifier after considering the best factors.

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