How Do Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists Differ?

How Do Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists Differ?

Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists Differ

Some patients think that the oral surgeon and orthodontists are the same and they offer the same treatment. This might be true at some point because, somehow, the orthodontist and oral surgeon start their journey by becoming a dentist. However, as soon as they move towards higher training, they start focusing on particular treatment and gain specialty in some dental issues. 

On the other hand, they both work closely to ensure that the patient has healthier smiles, improved jawlines, and perfect teeth growth. But if you have a question in your head, how specialist orthodontists in Newburyport and oral surgeons are different from each other, then have a look at this post. 

What Is an Orthodontist and What Do They Do? 

Orthodontists are special dentists who completed their training in teeth alignment methods and techniques. Moreover, the Newburyport top rated orthodontist further studies the placement and construction of the braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic equipment, including retainers and headgear that help correct the alignment of the teeth. 

In addition to this, the orthodontist also offers special treatment to deal with crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and improper alignment of the teeth, which can affect the smiles. The incorrect alignment can be painful and may create difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene. 

Plus, the orthodontist has various tools and equipment that help move the teeth to the accurate position and reduce the spaces between the teeth. 

What Are Oral Surgeons and What Do They Do? 

Oral surgeons are also the special dentists who further require four years of extra training in dental schools to study the complete dental anatomy, anesthesia, radiology, dental health, disease, preventive measures, and deal with dental trauma injuries. 

They perform maxillofacial surgery to improve the jaw structure, congenital disabilities, and other surgical procedures. 

They receive special training as an orthodontist, but the oral surgeon’s training further focuses on tissues, bones, connective structures, jawline, mouth, face structure, teeth alignment, and many more. 

Moreover, they gain special training in the techniques and procedures that help them handle emergencies, plastic surgeries of the facial bones, and many other dental surgeries. Oral surgeons gain the qualification to extract the teeth and treat various chronic dental conditions such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). 

Do Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists Work Together? 

Some of the oral dental problems may require the expertise of the oral surgeon and orthodontist. So, they sometimes work together to deal with the patients who have facial deformities and jaw defects at the same time. These kinds of defects require treatment from both specialists. 

To correct the jaw shape, jaw surgery is required, which will be done by the oral surgeon specialist. But on the same side, if you need to correct the alignment of the teeth with jaw surgery, an orthodontist will be required. Apart from this, treating different dental issues and conditions may need surgical and orthodontist treatment that goes vice-versa. 

How They Both are Similar? 

There is a similarity between the orthodontist and oral surgeon at some point. The fact here is both of them focus on oral health. Moreover, both are considered specialists of dental injuries and focus on teeth alignment. So, in that case, they are quite similar to each other, and both are considered specialists in dealing with dental issues. 

How Are They Different From Each Other? 

Though they both are dentists and offer you dental treatment, they both have different specialists in particular areas of dental treatment. An oral surgeon helps perform the surgeries and corrects the shaping of the jawbones, facial bones, and other accidental injuries. 

But on the same side, an orthodontist provides treatment to correct the teeth alignment, reduce the spaces between the teeth, and fix chipped and crooked teeth appearance. 

Another significant difference between the oral surgeon and orthodontist is that the best orthodontist in Newburyport helps the patients improve the biting issues by fitting the braces. But the oral surgeon performs the surgery to correct the jaw bone shape and teeth. 

The Bottom Line 

Orthodontists and oral surgeons may look similar, but they have special training in treating the particular area of the dentist’s problems. As a result, they can work together to deal with more than one dental problem at one time. But the key difference is oral surgeons are experts in performing surgery, and orthodontists are experts in correcting teeth alignment.

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