How Do You Know If A Fan Is Good Or Not?

How Do You Know If A Fan Is Good Or Not?

Best Fans

The main characteristics that we took into consideration to choose the best fans to compose our list were the following:

  • Fan type: indicates whether the fan is a table, column, wall, ceiling or tower.
  • Power: shows the power that that model has, that is, how much “force” it has to rotate the propellers and, thus, result in a more or less intense wind flow.
  • Diameter: refers to the size of the part containing the blades. Generally, those with a larger diameter also offer a greater wind flow, although this depends on the power.
  • Number of blades: this is important information for those who are looking for the best fan, although the quantity is not the only important characteristic in relation to the wind flow, which depends on the shape of the blades, the diameter of the model and its power, for example.
  • Number of speeds: shows how many speeds are available for that model, which allows you to have a precise control of the wind intensity.
  • Oscillation: the fan’s ability to move. It can be horizontal (most common) or vertical, automatic or manual.
  • Noise level: shows the intensity of the noise emitted by that model. Silent fans are interesting especially for bedtime, for example.
  • Voltage: shows if the model is compatible with electrical networks that operate with 127V, 220V or both.
  • Approximate energy consumption: it provides an estimate of how much electricity the model consumes, which may vary according to the speed chosen.
  • Approximate dimensions (H x W x D): once you know the approximate dimensions of the model, you will be able to choose it better in relation to the size available for the place where it will be used and also for its storage. They are arranged in the following order: height, width and depth.
  • Approximate weight: another important information regarding portability is weight, as lighter models facilitate the movement of the fan between different environments.
  • Average price: finally, it brings an average of the prices that are usually practiced in the market for that model, which can vary according to its availability, offers and special promotions. Therefore, it should be used only as a reference.

When carefully analyzing each of the characteristics, the choice of the best fan will be even more assertive for what you are looking for.

What is the Difference Between table, wall, ceiling and tower Fans?

Understanding exactly what differs between these models will help you in choosing the ideal for what you are looking for. Check out:

  • Table fan: model that should be used on a table or any other surface, as well as on the floor. Its bases are developed to provide all the stability and resistance necessary for its operation. Some table fans can also be installed on the wall.
  • Column fan: the construction is very similar to table fans, with the difference that it has a column that leaves it in an elevated position. So, you don’t have to worry about placing it on a table, chair or other piece of furniture, for example.
  • Wall fan: generally indicated for spacious environments and with a greater concentration of people, they are fixed on the wall, which provides significant space savings, but also has a more complex installation, since the activation is usually done by means of switches on the wall.
  • Ceiling fan: this is a type that provides very good thermal comfort, especially due to the fact that the hot air is usually at the top of the rooms. When you turn it on, the hot air is dissipated and the room is much cooler. It can even be used in conjunction with air conditioning equipment to spread fresh air. Its installation is also a little more complex, since it needs to be positioned according to the location of the power points.
  • Tower fan: Finally, tower fans are also intended to stay on the floor or on some surface, but instead of having a round shape like traditional models, it is very similar to a tower, since it is tall and narrow .

In the end, which is the best fan?

It depends on what you are looking for. They vary widely in terms of format, size, features and price, which means that there are options for just about every taste.

If you are looking for good value for money, the Mondial Classic NV-45-6P is a good option. Although it is a classic model, as the name implies, it has a nice power, suitable for rooms that are not too big.

If you’re willing to pay a little more, the Arno Turbo Force VF49 and Arno Ultra Silence Force VU40 are the next two options. With all the credibility of Arno, they deliver a very strong wind, with the difference that the second model is quieter in the first speed.

For stronger construction, the recommendation is the Mondial Turbo Pro 55 VM-PRO-55. Its metallic grid offers a much longer service life than plastic ones, which are practically unanimous among the models available on the market. The model even has a dimmer for speed control.

If you don’t want to worry about chairs, tables and other furniture on your way to be able to bring the fan to a higher position, the recommended models are the Britânia Mega Turbo 50 SIx de Coluna and the Mallory Air Timer TS +, the latter being still has a remote control for added convenience.

If the search is for a more discreet and elegant model, we recommend the Arno Eole. Compact, it can be used both in houses and apartments as well as offices and commercial establishments, since it does not have that conventional design that we see in traditional fans.

Finally, if you are looking for a good ceiling fan, the Mondial Maxi Air Control VTE-04 is a beautiful option. With a very beautiful design, it still has a super functional remote control and a luminaire for two 40W lamps.

Now that you know how to choose the best fan for your needs, access Méliuz to take advantage of the best offers and promotions, including discount coupons and so much cashback, to get some of your money back. Seriously, isn’t it great?

Thank you so much for your company and see you next time!

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