How Does The Post-pregnancy Body Change?

How Does The Post-pregnancy Body Change?


Your body undergoes enormous changes till your baby’s delivery. Childbirth is equally a nerve-racking experience for you. So, don’t forget to feel amazed at the head-to-toe changes that your body might incur after the delivery of your baby. You can be rest assured that you can go back to your pregnancy body again after a few months or a year, however, in the mean while read on to find how your body changes post-pregnancy. 

You Lose Weight Slowly

In the first few weeks of your post-postpartum days, expect yourself to look like you’re six or seven months pregnant. Since it took nine months to gain a few pounds during your pregnancy, it is natural that it will take some time for you to feel light. However, you’ll notice that you’ll feel 15 pounds lighter, immediately after the delivery of your baby.  After all, at the time of childbirth, besides the baby, a pound of the placenta and several pounds of amniotic fluid and blood goes out, thus reducing your weight. But your breasts will still feel heavy, and those extra kilos that you had gained during pregnancy days in the other parts of your body, will need some time to drop. 

You Lose Your Fluids

During pregnancy, your body stored in water, thus swelling different parts of your body. After the delivery of your baby, you’ll slowly start losing the water you had retained during pregnancy, through frequent bathroom visits and sweating. But in this way, there are chances for you to lose 4 to 6 pounds. Also expect a bloody discharge (known as lochia), in-between the first four to six weeks of this juncture. 

Your Stomach Will Take Some Time to Change

Even though you’ve lost a few pounds immediately after the delivery, but you’ll notice that your baby bump is still going to stick out for about a month of your post-pregnancy. However, this phenomenon is fine, as the uterus, which expanded during pregnancy and became the size of a watermelon from being a size of a pear, will need some time to come back in shape. So, at this juncture, expect a few cramps in your stomach, as that’s when your uterus is shrinking. 

Your Stretch Marks Will Slowly Go Away

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. But you may not need any cream or lotion, or a magic potion to eradicate them after the delivery of your baby. In about six months to a year, the color of the stretch marks will automatically start changing from purplish to sliver to a shade lighter. However, if the marks are too stubborn then you might go ahead and consult a doctor.

Your Skin Will Change

Blame it upon your hormones that, your body underwent stress and fatigue during pregnancy and that fell upon your health and skin. So, post-pregnancy, you will either enjoy healthy and glowing skin or will complain about experiencing skin problems like – ‘Chloasma faciei’ or ‘Melasma’, which are patches of dark skin on the lips, nose, cheeks, and forehead. But, with the help of a dermatologist and sun-screen lotion you can keep your skin protected and healthy.

You will lose hair:

During pregnancy, the rising oestrogen level doesn’t allow the hair to fall. In fact, during pregnancy, you’ll notice heavier and lustrous locks. However, during your post-pregnancy your oestrogen level is expected to dive down, thus thinning down your hair. Expect a pulling a clump of hair out every time you run your fingers through hair.  

Your Breasts Will Be Tender

Within two to three days of your childbirth, milk will be present in your breasts and as your breastfeeding baby gets a hang of latching on, you’ll be surprised to see how your breasts change magically. But, in case you are not breastfeeding, expect the swollenness of the breasts (like your pregnancy days) to stay intact for about five days, till you are ready to milk your baby. However, wearing a supportive bra, during this hour’s a must to keep the pain at bay.  

To Conclude

Don’t forget to eat healthy. As your outer body might take time to recover naturally, but you will need foods to fuel your recovery.

Author Bio: Prapti Chauhan is a professor of Genetics in Bangalore. She has contributed to several online research papers. However, she passionately develops content on pregnancy, childbirth, stem cell preservation uses, childcare umbilical cord lining and more.

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