How To Add Music Legally On Your Live Stream

How To Add Music Legally On Your Live Stream

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It’s not a piece of new news that how popular live streams are nowadays. Many platforms have added it as a standout feature. Some platforms are even built around it. But why is it so famous?

Well, if I have to tell a reason then it would be that it shows the streamer’s creation and thought process without any digital edits. Since it’s a live stream meaning everything that we see is in real-time so mistakes can’t be excused as retakes. And it takes a lot of courage to stream in front of such a large audience. Yeah, they aren’t present in real life but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. And more importantly, it’s not limited to a local audience. So you should have guessed by now how much resolve it takes to perform in front of such a large audience. So do the audience thus its popularity has rich such hype.

That’s the emotional reason as for the financial one it’s one of the most easier ways to get famous and attract sponsors. I think most of you get this point better than the first one.

Now since it’s a so if you think that you don’t have to worry about copyright issues well my friend you are sadly mistaken. The contents as well as the props all are included. But the one thing that the most subjected to copyright that the music that is used.

You are thinking how does music in a live video be counted as copyright? And if so troublesome why just not use it?

I’ll first answer the second one, why just not use music? It’s true it’s up to you whether to use something or not. But a stream with music attracts more viewers than one without. Besides music is one of those elements that can excite a person’s emotions.

But not every music is allowed on the live stream. If you were to play music without the consent of the owner or downloaded from somewhere which doesn’t have a valid license can lead to serious consequences.

So what types of music can you use? Well, there are three types of music you can use in your live streaming. They are as follows

  • Your Original Music
    Well if the music was made by yourself then it is not a problem. Since it’s your original creation no one can charge you. But still, be wary cause if you don’t have any evidence that you are the music owner then people with ill intention might still accuse. If you don’t have any proof you are done for. Thus it’s best to keep all of your original work licenses. I am not saying everyone is the same it’s just there are some people who let their greed get the best of them.
  • Music Available At Public Domain
    Well, it’s not a big secret that nowadays almost all types of music are available on various domains which can be downloaded at any moment by anyone. Now such sites usually achieve their music through valid channels. And since everyone can access them there’s no reason not to use them. But wait you must still be careful there are some sites that get the music from invalid channels that don’t have the right to host such music on their site. Although such site is discovered pretty quick are dealt with accordingly. But by chance, if it was discovered that the music you use is from those that can lead to a big problem. So only download from trusted domains.

Music that’s royalty-free
Well, royalty is like a license for using the music. As I was saying that most public domains buy from trusted channels. Those domains acquire them by paying are an amount of royalty fee in order to use them. This ensures that the music is legally handed and can be used as you wish.

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