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How to Choose the Best Door Handle for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Door Handle for Your Home

Door Handle for Your Home

One of the key components of your home’s appearance and functionality are the door handle. They not only enhance the attractiveness of your room, but they also significantly contribute to the safety and privacy of your house as a whole.

But, it might be difficult to choose the finest door handle for your house because there are so many different types, materials, and designs of door handles on the market.

When choosing door handles for your house, there are numerous things to take into account. You can select the finest choice for your needs with the aid of this guide.

Learn about the many door handle designs and what each is best used for

The following four categories of door handles exist:

  • Knob: The most popular kind of door handle is a knob, which works best for doors that see little use, including those in bedrooms and closets.
  • Lever: A lever is an accessible door handle that works best in high-traffic locations like the front and back doors.
  • Deadbolt: For outside doors to your home, a door handle is preferable to a knob or lever since it is more secure.
  • Handle set: A handle set is a door handle that also has a deadbolt, making it ideal for exterior doors.

Think about the design and style of your home

While choosing door handles for your home, keep in mind the overall design and d├ęcor of the room. Are you aiming for a classic appearance? Maybe something more up to date? To fit any aesthetic, door knobs are offered in a variety of styles.

Consider the door’s purpose

Not all doors are used for the same things. For instance, interior doors might not need to be as robust as entry doors. Before choosing a handle, take the door’s purpose into account.

Examine the security features

Security is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing door handles. To make your house safe and secure, ensure that the door handle you select has a strong locking mechanism.

Think about the result

Your door handle’s polish is also crucial. You should pick a finish that is both long-lasting and simple to maintain. The most widely used door handle finishes are brushed nickel, chrome, and brass.

  • Brass is a classic finish for door handles. It has traditional look and feels.
  • Because it is strong and has a sleek, contemporary appearance, brushed nickel is a popular choice for door knobs.
  • Another common finish for door knobs is chrome. It is also long-lasting and simple to clean.

The door handle hole’s width and height should be measured

You must accurately measure the length and width of the hole in your door before looking for door handles. By doing this, you can choose a door handle which fits perfectly.

A few door knobs that you like can be chosen, and you can test them out at home

Then, you should test out a few door handles in your house that you like the look of. Fit them to your door after that to get a feel for how they feel in your hands. Make sure they fit comfortably in your hand and are the appropriate size.

Decide Budget

The most crucial stage is deciding how much you are ready to spend on door knobs. Set a budget. The material, design, and brand are just a few of the many elements that will impact the cost. You can limit your alternatives after you have a general concept of your budget.

Choose the appropriate material

Various materials are used to make door knobs.

Wood: Hardwood door handles can give your house a cosy, natural feel. They are also highly resilient and, with proper maintenance, may last for many years. They come in a variety of styles, but to maintain their finest appearance, they need frequent upkeep.

Metal: If you’re searching for something more robust and long-lasting, metal door handles are a terrific option. They are also simple to maintain and clean. A variety of styles are available for metal door handles. They can be produced from a variety of metals, including stainless steel, bronze, and brass.

Glass: Glass door knobs can give your house a touch of grandeur. For contemporary homes, sleek and contemporary glass door handles are a popular option.

Crystal: Crystal door handles can give your house a posh feel. Crystal door handles come in a variety of hues and designs and are composed of glass or acrylic. They have a distinctive appearance but can be delicate.

Brass: If you want something more robust and long-lasting, brass main door handles are a terrific option.

Your home’s door hardware is constructed of a variety of materials, but the most prevalent ones are zinc and brass. You might have heard that certain companies don’t want you to realise that their products can be as inexpensive as scrap metal. Everyone has witnessed what happens when someone places excessive trust on “course metal.”

Glitters Hardware, Brass main door handles are your finest bet. The quality of these handles is excellent, and they also have a wide selection. These handles also have the advantage of being available in a variety of finishes, making it simple to match them to the other hardware in your house.


Select the finest option for your house, then either install it yourself or have a pro do it for you.

Most people can install a door handle themselves because it is a fairly simple task. But, it is always preferable to contact a professional if you are unclear how to accomplish it.

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