How To Rank Travel Website On Google First Page

How To Rank Travel Website On Google First Page

Google First Page

It is a dream of every business owners to rank their site on the Google first page. Most businesses nowadays are on the internet platform, and there is an unsaid race to reach the target people. In such a scenario, it is hard for a search engine to manage all the sites offering similar services. There is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, and that helps Google to rank each website.

So, the businesses now try to SEO optimise their sites so that Google can read them. But, without a help of a professional SEO company Dubai, it is impossible to achieve the desired optimisation. SEO optimisation consists of a number of strategies. Those strategies require professional techniques to implement them successfully for your website.

Benefits of SEO

SEO makes a website intelligible for the search engine robot. Because of SEO, Google can determine what the site is all about. SEO helps to understand the content of each page. It also determines the usefulness of the content for the users. By doing all these, Google determines the rank of the website.  Of late, the internet platform has become competitive, and there is a need for sorting out the websites.

To understand how Google ranks sites, you need to have an idea about different types of SEO strategies.  There are two types of SEO- on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

According to seo company, on-page SEO isthe most effective strategy to improve ranking. The digital marketers say that on-page SEO gives a higher ranking on the search engine. It is essential to generate relevant organic traffic towards a website.  So, let’s take a look at the strategies of on-page SEO.

Keywords on Title

Using appropriate keywords is not only everything, but also you must know the placement of it. When a title of content speaks what kind of content it is, using the keyword on the title will increase the weight of the content. The correct placement of keyword is able to channel a large amount of traffic. This is the reason Google reads the content that has the keyword in the title.

Keywords in First 100 Words

Google read those contents that have keywords in the first hundred words. In this competitive market, keywords play a significant role. Keyword content marketing is helping several businesses to improve their position on the digital platform. This is the reason the content writers place the keyword in the introduction part of a blog.

Using Outbound Links

The objective of on-page SEO is to grab the attention of the people. Outbound links will help to grab attention to the content. As per a digital marketing agency, every article on a website has to have a link. The importance of including a link is to make the article valid as well as informative. It works as a driving force in improving the ranking of the website. While incorporating a link, an SEO writer has to make sure that the link is relevant to the content.

Relevant Meta Description

For good content, Meta description is important. You need to add a click-worthy description along with an URL. It must encourage people to read and click on the URL. A click-worthy Meta description makes your article efficient for Google to read.

Placement of Keywords Strategically

When the keyword is the backbone of on-page SEO, one has to learn to use keyword strategically. You need to hyperlink the keyword with the relevant URL. It is essential to pay attention to the keyword in order to make the article SEO-worthy. Besides that, you need to include the keyword in the text strategically so that it does not lose its value. The placement of keyword has to be natural so that it can enrich on-page SEO.

Posting Long Content

According to a digital marketing agency, long content helps in improving Google ranking. You need to try at least content with one thousand words to influence ranking. Long content is able to attract long-tail traffic, which will increase the exposure of the site. Longer content enables a writer to include more keywords that will work on-page SEO. Along with that, long content can be informative, which will boost the website’s overall value.

Image optimisation

You must include relevant images on the website. But you need to ensure that the picture has file names. Image optimisation is as important as text optimisation if you want to improve the ranking of your website. Google take good quality images into consideration while ranking a website.

Off-page SEO

To ensure a high rank on Google, one has to pay attention to off-page SEO as well. So, to ensure an off-page SEO, you need to work on building backlinks. Link building is quite challenging, and one has to take up the task to increase the rank. You need to include a high-quality backlink that will improve the ranking.

You also need to pay attention to build broken link. You need to identify the broken links that are relevant to your business niche. You need to replace the broken link with an active link. This tactic will influence SEO for your website.

So, these are some of the strategies that an SEO expert follows. And these are the factors that Google consider to rank a website. You need to follow these steps to achieve a high rank on Google.

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