How To Style Your Look In A “Bollywood Avatar”

How To Style Your Look In A “Bollywood Avatar”

Bollywood Avatar

There were days when men really never cared about how they looked. They never really cared about the style; just plain, ankle length jeans for men along with a plain tee was what their go-to clothing was. But nowadays, with the rapid changes in fashion, trends are not only for women, men have also been into it lately. 

Well! When we talk about Bollywood, it is not only limited to making good movies but also creating fashion statements. Many celebrities out there have been known for their fashion and their style. Men love to replicate their styles and their outfits, be it a stylish kurta for men or the tuxedo they wear. Every time you open your social media app, you will definitely find a new style coming your way from these Bollywood actors. 

If you want to look like your favourite actor, you need to know their style. Below are some Bollywood actors who have created their own style statements in the industry.

Top Fashionable Men In India : Bollywood avatar

1. Amitabh Bachan

Big B never fails to inspire us all with his sense of style. He’s been seen in classy and elegant outfits that suit his personality very well. Be it award functions, parties, KBC, etc., he’s always seen in clothes that elevate his personality.

 Another thing to focus on is the way he carries his outfits. Remember, anyone can wear good and luxurious clothes, but how well you carry them is the most important factor to look at. 

2. Farhan Akhtar 

This man just knows how to attract and catch the attention of people around him. He’s seen most of the time in semi-formals, and a glimpse of his style is very visible in some of his movies as well, like’ Dil Dhadakne Do.’ He’s seen most of the time in bandanas and vests as his party or concert attire. This man’s style is all about giving us those interesting and elegant vibes. 

3. Shahrukh Khan

One of the fashion icons of the country King Khan has always won the hearts of the people, be it through his acting in movies or his way of dressing. He opts for outfits that keep him classy and charming. He’s seen wearing a tuxedo at most of the formal events. Or else he goes with casual clothing, which manages to keep him stylish and attractive. This man knows perfectly well how to carry his outfits on different occasions.

If you are someone who loves to stay classy yet at times wants to stay casual, King Khan is definitely your inspiration to style around. 

4. Ranveer Singh 

We all know how much this man loves to experiment with clothes, yet he manages to look so smart and charming. This man always stands out from the crowd and manages to come up with new and different styles every now and then. He always chooses eccentric colors and prints that make him one of the fashion icons of India.

Now the question is, are people loving his style? Absolutely yes! He always comes up with bold styles. If you are someone who wishes to style themselves boldly and want to stand out from the crowd, we already know who we should follow. 

5. Ranbir Kapoor

That cool dude style is what Ranbir Kapoor is famous for. We love how well he plays with prints and colors. The check print shirts and jackets are what make him look stunning. He’s always dressed in Indo-Western style in many reality shows. This man never fails to attract people with his smart-casual clothes and charming personality.

If you are someone with a physique that resembles that of Ranbir Kapoor, you can definitely follow his style. Who doesn’t love styling themselves in smart-casuals but gets confused all the time? Hopefully, now you know where that inspiration can come from. 

6. Hrithik Roshan

This man looks great in whatever he chooses to wear. From casuals to formals to semi-formals, he looks absolutely charming in any of his outfits. The Greek God of Bollywood knows very well how to carry whatever he opts to wear. He’s been seen in a tuxedo most of the time, but he looks stunning in faded jeans and t-shirts with a pee cap. 

If you have that muscular body like Hrithik Roshan, definitely go with his style. 

7. John Abraham

We already know how hot he looks. Simple, elegant, and cool are words that can be used to define his style statement. This man has been well groomed and has been one of the most fashionable men from the very start of his career. He’s always been seen with a plain tee and a pair of jeans, such a simple style yet so classy he looks in it. Also, the fashion for long hair in Bollywood was introduced by him. 

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