How to Write a Strong Body Paragraph for an Essay

How to Write a Strong Body Paragraph for an Essay

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When you sit down to write an essay, the part that seems the most difficult is the introduction and the conclusion. Students face difficulty figuring out how to begin and how to end and what sentences would make their essay attractive. The essay writing services are already experts in this filed to provide premium quality paper work.

Thus in school teachers focus on introduction and conclusion more and less on the main body. The main body of our essay carries the essence of the essay whereas the introduction and conclusion tell the readers about the topic and sum up the arguments for the topic respectively.

Thus the main body too requires an equal importance. In fact there are more points that must be kept in mind while framing the same. The main body of an essay differs from essay to essay:

  • Narrative Essay: In case of a narrative essay, the main body contains the narration of the events being talked about.
  • Descriptive Essay: In descriptive essay, the main body comprises of the description of the topic chosen.
  • Argumentative Essay: Here the main body consists of the argument the writer is supporting and evidences are provided in favour of the argument so as to convince the readers.
  • Story Writing: The main body, in this case, consists of the rising action, peak and falling action of the story being narrated.

Thus there are many such essays that vary in the content they contain in their main body. So let’s list some points that help us make a strong body paragraph and make our essay attractive. But before that let us understand the components of a strong body paragraph:

  • A Topic Sentence: This sentence introduces to the readers what the writer is going to talk about in that particular paragraph thus giving the readers a clear picture. For example: Drugs lead to several harmful impacts on the body of an individual.
  • Supporting Sentences: After introducing the content of your argument, you go on to write more elaborating on the topic thus supporting your topical sentence. For example: Drugs can cause harm to liver and brain resulting in certain disorders….
  • A Concluding Sentence: Once you complete your paragraph, you must write a sentence that ends this paragraph and also establishes a connect with the next paragraph. For example: Along with certain physical disorders, drug abuse can lead to certain mental disorders as well.

Now a few tips to strengthen your body paragraphs:

  1. Topic Sentence should be informative: When you are writing the topic sentence of the paragraph, keep in mind that it should inform the reader of your intended content in the paragraph. And try to explain your topic sentence in one or two sentences so that it becomes more clear. Topic sentence is the first thing that grabs a reader’s attention thus its importance should not be overlooked. It should be as attractive and as informative as possible. 
  2. Don’t deviate from the topic: Remember to fix your gaze on your topic and provide information supporting your topic. Evidences and facts can be provided keeping this in mind.
  3. Avoid irrelevant details: Sometimes we try to put every point that comes into our mind into our essay be it connected to the topic or not. Therefore we must strictly avoid doing this.
  4. Provide counterarguments: While writing an argumentative or analytical essay, you must provide arguments for your topic and elaborate on it. But you also list some counter-arguments in order to make your argument stronger.
  5. Use different paragraphs: Don’t try to put everything into one single paragraph. Try to convey separate ideas in different paragraphs and give pauses as and when required. Clubbing all information in one single paragraph makes the content look clumsy and may result in the reader diverting his attention.
  6. Introduce evidence for your topic: This evidence can be in the form of quotes or statistics or any such data. This increases the credibility of your content. Such quote or data should not be out of context and its insertion should not affect the flow of words. For example: 24% of teen deaths take place due to drug abuse….
  7. Explain the evidence: Provide explanation for the quote or data you have provided in your topic sentence since the readers may sometime fail to understand it directly. For example: Teenagers are more prone to take drugs since they are in an age when they are most free from responsibilities….
  8. Support your evidence: If you have provided facts and data in your evidence then you must provide supporting arguments to increase the credibility. For example: A research conducted by Oxford University provides credibility to the data hence supporting the claim….
  9. Conclusion : Your conclusion must sum up the arguments of your paragraph as well as establish a link with the next paragraph. The conclusion goes as explained above in the example and thus removes any chances of disturbing flow of the essay.

Thus your paragraph should follow the pattern of general introduction, introducing the topic, explaining the topic, giving evidence for the topic and then concluding it by summing up the arguments.

These points are definitely going to help you in writing essays. Besides this you must remember to list the points that come to your mind related to the topic so that you can arrange them in order and put them into your essay. This way your essay appears to be in flow and occurrence of random thoughts does not affect it.

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