Indian Keto Diet Chart: Following Vegetarianism the Healthy Way

Indian Keto Diet Chart: Following Vegetarianism the Healthy Way

Indian Keto Diet Chart

If you desire to lose some extra pounds, you must have heard of the ketosis diet, popularly known by the name of ‘keto diet’. But, by far, the keto diet might be an effective way of losing some weight fast, it must be known that it is no magical tool that aids fast weight loss, and hence need a lot of discipline eating, restrictions, adjustments, and regular follow-ups with an expert to track the results. Indian Keto Diet Plan

So, what does the Keto Diet have to say?

The diet aims to put your body into a natural process called ‘Ketosis’. It involves going into brief spells of extremely low carb foods (not more than 30 gms per day) or almost zero carbs, and increase the intake of really high fats (to a point that makes up for more than 65% of daily macronutrient intake).

The whole idea of doing so is to put the body into the state of ketosis. It is a state where your body turns into a keto body and is more inclined to use fat as its primary energy source, depleting the carbohydrate or glycogen store in the liver first and then moving to fat for fuel, meaning ending up being shredded.

Apart from weight loss, there are numerous advantages of following the keto diet for weight loss, and they are:

  • You have higher mental clarity
  • You will experience improved physical energy
  • Your blood sugar levels will become steady, which in turn makes it a good choice for people with epilepsy and diabetes
  • Your skin tone improves
  • Your cholesterol levels are lowered, and
  • You will have better hormone regulation, especially in women

The vegetarian keto diet plan

The veg keto diet plan is a vegetarian keto eating plan that amalgamates the aspects of keto and vegetarianism both. Now since the keto diet plan emphasizes eating more fats and fewer carbs, and since, the Keto diet plan Indian vegetarian eliminates all meats and fish from the diet, dieters have to rely on healthy vegetarian fat sources like nuts and seeds, fruits, and keto vegetables like avocado, and healthy oils like coconut oil.

Following a healthy vegetarian keto diet plan Indian

Following a Keto diet weight loss for vegetarians is possible. However, you will need to follow some healthy and sustainable ways, or else you may have to face some potential health issues. It is always an appealing idea for those who want to avoid meat, but still, reap the benefits of Keto meals.

It might be true that animal protein sources provide our body with all the essential amino acids that our body needs, plant-based foods do lack some of them. So, by excluding animal products completely, vegetarians have to solely rely on grains, legumes, and seeds to meet the needs of amino acids.

Vegetarians rely more on legumes and grains for their daily micronutrient requirements. If you are on a vegetarian keto formula, and many of such foods are restricted, you have to ensure that you consume an adequate amount of nutrients like – Omega 3, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.

What should your Keto diet Indian tell you to do? It is an action plan for eating a well-designed Indian Keto diet plan for vegetarians:

  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake as much as possible.
  • Include more healthy and complete protein sources in your diet.
  • Eat one to three vegetable servings at least two times a day.
  • Make use of healthy oils for cooking and use them as salad dressings. Example: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, etc.
  • Makes your foods interesting by seasoning them with different kinds of herbs and spices.

The keto diet is certainly one of the best diets to follow for weight loss and numerous other health benefits like better blood sugar control and diabetes control, the vegetarian version of the keto diet may cause short term side effects, certain nutrients lack, and is certainly not recommended for pregnant women and children.

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