Introduce Frictionless Checkout & Purchase Methods in Your eCommerce Store

Introduce Frictionless Checkout & Purchase Methods in Your eCommerce Store

Purchase Methods in Your eCommerce Store

The fame that the eCommerce platform is receiving proves its worth among online businesses. An estimation says that it is projected to raise $6.5 trillion worldwide by 2023.

Even after the effects of the covid pandemic, the willingness and need for online shopping have been sustained. Thus, selling online is the future of retail.

The competition grows by the day. Chances are, you are not the only one selling a sophisticated product. As a business, you must get customers engaged with your brand. Not just by the visual appeal of the product, but also by the experience that comes with buying them.

Think from consumers’ perspective; from buying online to selling online. What do they value the most? In the majority of the cases, it’s their time. They need stores to cater to how, when, and where they wish to shop. 

Thus, you need to give them an omnichannel experience that follows them during their entire purchase journey smoothly. For meeting the requirements of modern buyers, one requires offering a frictionless buying experience.

Additionally, frictionless buying gives users ideas about what they require at that very moment without having a second thought. It eradicates points of hassles that may result in a customer abandoning your cart while deciding to shop it afterward or worse, shop it elsewhere.

So, in this comprehensive section, here are some steps that help achieve frictionless purchases on your website and encourage you to start your own eCommerce store.

Step 1: Make It A Convenient Buying Process

Your marketing tactic works out, and the potential customer is on your website. Also, they like some things and make up their mind to buy them. So, all the hindrances are cleared, isn’t it?

However, it’s not the reality. Even after having the item in the cart, it is estimated that nearly 70 percent of users abandon the cart and crash the idea of making a purchase.

So, for that, here are some things that one must follow to foster conversions and make it simple to complete the purchase.

1. Prime Your Website For “Buying”

One needs an outstanding website that inspires customers to want to purchase your products repeatedly.

So, if you want to start your Bigcommerce store today, then focus on having a good-looking eCommerce website. You can bank on us for this job as we are a leading eCommerce website development company that offers one-stop solutions to every problem.

2. Personalize The Experience

One more important thing to consider in eCommerce marketing is to offer tailored experiences to your customers. According to the stats, 63 percent of the shoppers expect a direct customized encounter from their favorite brands.

So, you can have personalized storefront experiences. A Personalizer refers to an AI-powered customized platform that authorizes eCommerce professionals and marketers to offer 1:1 best-personalized shopping experiences across emails, ads, mobile, and web.

3. Ease Out Checkout Experience

According to research, 21 percent of shoppers abandon shopping carts because of the long and complicated checkout procedure. So, work on making it user-friendly.

One can add a digital wallet where shoppers can have a payment gateway on your site, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. You can offer seamless payments via software like Stripe. It’s an integration that supports global payment gateways like iDEAL, Alipay, and SEPA for international customers.

Moreover, Sezzle and Paypal are the payment gateways that offer interest-free and short-term installments. Also, the methods offer unique financing options where buyers can buy things now and can pay later. Enhance your app shipping experience with the help of ShipperHQ by offering customers estimated delivery dates, the right choices, and accurate rates in checkouts.

4. Influence Them to Buy

Sometimes customers just need an extra nudge to do so many things. There are ample ways to magnify your power to persuade users, from ratings to inventory call-outs, reviews, or having user-generated content.

Tools such as Yotpo helps Bigcommerce companies in generating a bulk of site reviews, product reviews, Q&A, videos, photos, and much other audience-generated content, and hence it helps in driving more significant traffic plus conversions.

Step 2. Encourage Customer Confidence

The friction that forces customers to move from your website is – security. So, ensure your customers are having robust security for safeguarding their personal information details from a breach.

In BigCommerce stores, you can have Level 1 PCI compliance for making your website secure and safe.

You can protect users’ purchases with tools like Clyde. It allows you to integrate a warranty program so their purchases are guarded long after delivery.

It is crucial as products are prevented for a long time after delivery.

Step 3: Give Delight And Surprises

Product delivery that is efficient and fast can radically encourage a customer to shop on your site again.

1. Efficient and Faster Shipping

You should always work on offering hassle-free and timely delivery procedures. So, give it a kick start by including Ware2Go and ShipBob.

With Arka, you can offer your customers branded packaging.

Additionally, Arka offers great packaging for eCommerce businesses that includes poly mailers, tissue paper, stickers, protective inserts, and boxes.

You just require selecting the type of packaging box of your choice, deciding quantity and size, and brand it with the company’s messaging, colors, and logo.

You can offer order tracking updates with Narvar and Route.

2. Offer Great Fulfillment Options in This Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Customers who wish beyond fast shipping, offering additional options such as BOPIS can be useful. You can offer a seamless offline to online shopping experience to users with BOPIS via Random Retail. Also, with the BOPIS app, you can be everywhere where your customers are, and it also allows seeing your retail locations in the pickup shops.

Step 4: Make Easy Return Process

A frictionless return process always leads to happy, satisfied, and repeat customers.

Thus, it is crucial to request feedback from your customers and have reviews from them to solve their issues quickly.

Apps like Happy Returns and ReadyCloud make returns a breeze. Such platforms allow customers to easily exchange or return products without packaging or printing within 60 seconds and immediately receive refunds.

Step 5: Keep Nurturing The Relationship

It depends on what you offer to your customers; it leads to a long-lasting repeated customer.

Re-engagement and continued engagement with your customers help in strengthening your relationships and keep you on top priority for future buying. For this, make the following things happen on preference.

1. Remember To Draft (SMS and email marketing)

By using SMS and email, you can be in regular touch with your customers, letting them know about your new arrivals that they may find interesting and let them know about forthcoming offers and promotions.

You can optimize your messaging via platforms like omniscience and Klaviyo. As per National Client Email Report, a regular email marketing program produces 38 times more ROI. Consequently, over 59 percent of marketers think email marketing is their biggest ROI source.

So, help yourself by converting customers with highly relevant text and emails. Also, combine emails with push notifications and emails in shopping cart recovery, order and shipping, and welcome series confirmation, along with custom automated workflows.

2. Re-target Potential Customers

You should keep reminding customers about a product they left in their shopping cart.

With Sales and Order, reach out to shoppers on various channels. Easily connect your BigCommerce store to Microsoft Advertising, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Have your store products imported and sent while you wait.

3. Reward Your Loyal Customers

A loyalty program offers big reasons to visit your site repeatedly. So, with platforms like, you can offer a powerful loyalty program on your online store. With this program, you can offer your customers discounts, exclusive perks, and more to engage with your products every time they step into your site.


Finally, you and your customers wish for the same thing: to get your product in their hands with as little friction as possible. So, work on following one of these impressive solutions that can help you make huge conversions by relying on our efficient eCommerce website development services.

We always work on removing hurdles that hamper a seamless shopping experience for your customers. So, call us today to have a free site assessment of your eCommerce online store.

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