Learning Through Play – New Perspective in Early Years

Learning Through Play – New Perspective in Early Years

Education and learning are so important for man. Even when the child is grown up to three or four years, the parents start getting worried about their education and schooling. How they will teach their child and how their child will learn new things. However, education is equally important at all stages of life. But in the early year, the decision about learning patterns and education is so important. Because when your kid is grown up and has become an adult, he can make these decisions on his own and as per their own choices. For instance, every student has multiple options and helps to complete their work and important task. Some students take help from different nursing assignment help UK, and some who find it easy to assemble it by themselves do it on their own. Same as in the early year’s parents have different options to choose the way of learning for their kids.

Over time, many researches and studies are done on the topic of early childhood education, and different ways of teaching are discovered. Still, the most successful and effective way of teaching is “learning through play”. It would be not wrong to say that now almost everywhere, this pattern of teaching for kids is applied in the early years of education.

How do they learn through play, and why is it important?

Learning through play is a new perspective introduced by the researchers. Before this perspective, playing was taken as entertainment and irrelevant activity. But the reality is not like that. The truth is that children can learn more from this learning through play technique than any other or traditional way of learning. While playing with children, the whole body is active and working. And this full-body exercise and practice help them learn those life skills that will be beneficial for them in the future and help them in the coming years. Their emotional and mental muscles are developed by playing. When the play, especially those games and role-plays where they imitate any cartoon character or someone else, help them to learn how to control their emotion and think once before doing any act or work. We can better understand with this example if any kid is acting or pretending to be a Dory or Nemo before their every action and word, they will think that how Dory or Nemo will react in the specific situation. Learning through play teaches kids how to think critically, develop specific social and emotional skills, and most importantly, they know maximum while playing.

Learning through play is considered the best way to teach a kindergartner. Because this is the age where they will learn the skills for their future. The benefits of learning through play are discussed in detail below:

Early brain development:

One of the significant benefits of learning through play is that playing is so helpful in developing the brain. Playing is beneficial for the healthy growth of the brain. Even the studies of neuroscientists prove that playing at an early age is helpful for the health and development of the brain, and games and toys modify and improve the psychology of the kid and the chemistry of the brain.

Improves intelligence:

Playing games are also helpful in improving the intelligence of the kids. But for this, the kid needs to play those games that can help them in this regard. And this is what is done in learning through the playing process. The instructor or teacher of the kid will guide them or select games for them that will be beneficial for increasing their intelligence. Games improve the IQ as well as the EQ of the kids. Playing games improve social, emotional development and improve their linguistics skills. It enhances their personality and makes them intelligent. For example, they play different games by creating different fake scenarios in which they have to solve any case or problem. This will help them to think wisely during the play so that they can handle the situation smartly.

Make them creative:

When the students get a chance to learn new things or everything by playing, they become more creative and skillful. They can think of new, innovative, and different ideas. Their imagination power is so strong, which helps them to work differently and in a completely new way. The best example of it a case study in which the students of age four to six were divided into two groups. The first group was taught through the traditional process in which they copied what was written on the board, whereas the second group learned the same concept or topic through playing with the dough. Later own the students were asked to do a creative project on that same topic. And the apparent difference in the task of both groups was observed by the researchers. The project of the students that learn from the activity was more creative, innovative, and impressive than the other group.

Improve communication and vocabulary:

When the students are allowed to play whatever they want and like to play with their class fellows and friends, the communication skills of the kids improve. When they communicate with each other, they learn the ways for better communication. They also know new words, which will enhance their vocabulary. The skills they learn here give them confidence for the future. These communication skills will not help them only at that time. Good communication ability is a life skill that will always help them in the future.

Better physical and mental health:

When the kids play there, body and mind work at the same time. And when it comes to learning through play, it means a set of games that will help them know all the things with different physical and mental games. The games where students have to perform physical tasks or activities allow them to improve their health and fitness and prevent other physical issues and problems. The brainstorming activities and games in which the students have to use their minds to solve any mystery or puzzle help them improve their mental health. This better physical and mental health will help them at that time, but it will also be beneficial after few years when they become young and face all the things in reality.

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