Low Oxalate Diet- Benefits And Risks

Low Oxalate Diet- Benefits And Risks

Low Oxalate Diet

A diet that contains a low amount of oxalate is known as a low oxalate diet. Oxalate is an organic compound found both in plants and humans. It is often used as a synonym for the term “oxalic acid”. Oxalate is found abundantly in food items such as beans, beer, beets, dark green vegetables, caffeine, chocolate, etc. Low oxalate diet includes corner, peppers, peas, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, radishes, cabbage, squash, etc.

Foods rich in oxalate may have high nutritional benefits. However, excess of it does hamper your health. It can cause some serious issues. Now that “high oxalates diet” might bring to you some serious difficulties, what could we possible do to avoid it. Well, the solution is very simple. Eat a low oxalate diet.

As mentioned beforehand, low oxalate diet include diet that contains less amount of oxalic acid. Our body produces certain amount of oxalate and calcium, which is normal and do not have any serious consequences. Now when does the problem arise? The problem arise when these two compound come together and form calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Fortunately, the excretion of oxalate can be kept in check by us. To do this one must follow a low oxalate diet. Low oxalate to less than 40-50 mg per day. This means that your diet must basically include proteins , white rice, low oxalate veggies/ fruits, dairy products, etc. A very effective way to reduce the amount of oxalate of certain vegetables is to soak or cool it.

Here is a list of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, dairy products, beverages and spices that are low in oxalate.


Vegetables that contains less amount of oxalate are broccoli, cabbage, peas, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower.


Low oxalate food include berries, bananas, apples, peaches, cherries, lemons and apricots.


Rice, corner and oats are the three grains that are low in oxalates.

Dairy products-

Yogurt, cheese, million and better are the dairy products that contain low oxalates.


Beverages- that include less amount of oxalates are water, Coffee, fruits juice.


Eggs, meat, fish, poultry contain low oxalates .


Cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric are few spices that are low in oxalates.

Benefits  Of Low Oxalate Diet-

Since we have now the idea of what low oxalates diet are, why not mention It’s benefits.

1. Prevents kidney stone-

A study showed that the intake of low oxalates diet does indeed prevent kidney stones.

However, when an individual consumed a low oxalate diet he precisely misses out the nutrition that high oxalate diet provide. A more effective way to prevent kidney stones is to increase the intake of calcium. Intake of calcium overtakes the oxalates which further decreases the risk of kidney stones.

2. Treats Vulvodynia-

Low oxalates diet might help you treat Vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is the chronic pain around the area of vagina. A low oxalate diet is an effective way to treat vulvalpain.

3. Prevents autism-

Diet low in oxalates prevents autism . Though this is not confirmed yet. A low oxalate diet however does help to ease the pain in children with autism.

Risks  Of Low Oxalate Diet-

Though a low oxalate diet does help with some health issues, it deprives the body of the required nutrition. When one stops the intake of a high oxalate diet such as spinach, he is deprived of the nutrition that spinach provides. A lot of high oxalate diets have a good nutritional value. To avoid it would be not as good as we think. If our body would not get the required amount of nutrition several issues would develop such as weaker immune system, anemia, stunted growth, etc.

Research showed that even though you consume a diet high in oxalates if the intake of calcium is higher than that of oxalates there would be no issue. So, it is better if you rather consume a high calcium diet than a low oxalate diet.

Low oxalates diet does have benefits but it does have a weaker point too. It would be better if you would only consume the low oxalate diet when your doctor recommends it. His recommendation would obviously include a proper and calculated diet chart. Follow a healthy diet chart in order to have a healthy body- a body free of health issues.

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