Motorhome Servicing-Increases Its Efficiency And Longevity

Motorhome Servicing-Increases Its Efficiency And Longevity

Motorhome Servicing

A motorhome is a road vehicle, mostly used by people when they have to go on long trips. For the safety of the passengers and other road users, it is important that you get your motorhome checked on a regular basis.

Motorhome Services:

There are two steps of a motorhome service: a base service and a habitation service.

Base Service:

Such a type of service is mostly done at a workshop by a person who specializes in the manufacturing of the base vehicle of your motorhome. Such services are only carried at the time when they are recommended by the manufacturer. For your motorhome to be identified as a motor caravan, it is important that your motorhome is covered by a normal class MOT test. This is because, in some circumstances, motorhome converters do not inform the driver and the vehicle licensing agency about the conversion. Hence, they refuse to view it as a motor caravan. In such cases, the DVLA recognizes the motorhome as a van with windows or a multi-purpose van.

Habitation Service:

It includes all the gas, water, and electrical systems which need to be maintained within the motorhome. Safety checks on the installed appliances such as fridges need to be performed. It is recommended that you get your appliances serviced as they can usually run out of gas. It is the responsibility of the dealer to check for any damp leaks that may be within the basic structure.

Regular Repair and Maintenance:

Many motorhomes do not like to get the interior of their like motorhomes checked regularly like the electricity, water, gas supplies, and the appliances that have been installed in the motorhome. Regular maintenance and repair of a motorhome gives a positive impact on it and make sure that it lasts you a long time. A team of experts is responsible for keeping a regular check and balance on your motorhome. They make sure that you are saving your money over the long haul and keeping the interruption to a least.

Changing the engine oil of a motorhome:

Motorhomes usually use a gasoline or diesel engine and motorhome servicing companies repair or maintain any diesel or gasoline engine problem of your motorhome. Regularly changing the engine oil ensures that your motorhome runs smoothly on the road. Many owners like to get their engine oil changed after 5000 miles whereas some might even get it changed after driving it for 300 hours. Such services totally depend on the condition of your motorhome. Usually, mechanics suggest a fully synthetic motor oil change. This is because it is less prone to breakdown and provides better engine protection during extreme weather. 

Changing the air filter of your motorhome:

A gasoline or diesel engine requires a lot of air in order for it to run properly and efficiently. However, it can get clogged by the dust and dirt particles in the air which is very harmful to the engine and can result in its clogging. Hence, it is important that you keep your air filters clean or get them regularly checked. For ensuring that the engine is getting proper air, get the filters checked after every 5000 miles but if you are in dusty areas then you might want to get it checked sooner.

Cleaning Fuel Filters:

Clean fuel filters mean a smooth flow of fuel and an efficiently working engine. If the fuel supply is not clean the engine won’t work efficiently. Wax and water can contaminate the diesel fuel and these impurities can result in damaging the fuel filters which will ultimately have an impact on the performance and dependability of the engine. To eradicate such types of problems, take the advice of your manufacturers and regularly get your primary and secondary fuel filters either cleaned or replaced. Turbo Charges

Turbochargers are used for adding additional air into the engine which increases its power and efficiency. A turbo caravan has the ability to squeeze out more power even from a small fuel-efficient engine. However, if you feel a power loss or an excess smoke or a grinding noise from the engine then get your turbo serviced.

Why warranty servicing of your caravan is important?

Warranty servicing of the van is necessary to maintain the smoothness of a caravan and also to validate the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturers have all the records of a warranty repair servicing so that whenever it is needed, they can provide the settling claims without any delay. You can also get your caravan or motorhomes regularly checked by other dealers besides your manufacturers. 

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