Not Destiny: 7 Signs That This Vanilla Perfume Is Not Suitable For You

Not Destiny: 7 Signs That This Vanilla Perfume Is Not Suitable For You

Vanilla Perfume
Vanilla Perfume

Even if you liked the perfume in the store, it does not mean that the scent will turn out to be “yours” upon the closest acquaintance. An inappropriate smell can spoil your mood, can cause headaches or cause an allergic reaction. We have figured out how to understand that perfume is completely unsuitable for your vanilla perfume. Check yours!

You can feel them on you

The first sign that the chosen perfume is not yours is if you continue to feel it even 15-20 minutes after application. During this time, the human nose gets used to any aroma, and if this does not happen, then this smell will very soon begin to irritate you and seem intrusive. Down with!

You sneeze every time you put them on

Sound familiar? Splashing some perfume – everything is fine. If you use others, you start sneezing as if you just sniffed a pepper. This only means the sad fact that you are allergic to some of the components of the fragrance, and it is better to present this fragrance to someone than to conduct such experiments with your body.

They don’t match your style of dress

A sporty girl in Nike sneakers, skinny jeans and a sweatshirt with a spicy oriental scent or a feminine powdery scent. Strange dissonance, isn’t it? Or, on the contrary, from a gentle young lady in a dress comes the scent of austere perfume, which would be suitable only for the office. When choosing a new perfume, always take into account what style you most often dress in, so that there are no such annoying mistakes.

They sound very different on your skin than on a blotter

Many perfumers are even outraged that their creations in stores are offered to be tested on a blotter. A piece of cardboard will never convey a real aroma – it does not open immediately and only on the skin under the influence of its warmth and natural scent. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, never buy perfume right away – splash it on your skin and go for a walk with it. If you like the scent even an hour after application, you will come back for it later.

The scent is not right for the season

Another reason why you might not be comfortable with your scent is that it doesn’t match the time of year. In winter, perfumes with pronounced fresh, sea and citrus notes can be annoying, it is better to choose “warm” accords – oriental, powdery, floral-oriental. And vice versa, in summer such smells will seem too dense, “suffocating”.

You began to notice unreasonable headaches

At first glance, an unreasonable migraine may have a completely understandable reason – an inappropriate scent of perfume. Smells are incredibly powerful and can cause headaches. So if you began to notice such symptoms behind yourself, first give up your usual spirits – it is possible that these are all of them, pests!

You get tired of them in the evening

If the perfume seems to you quite pleasant at the beginning of the day, but by the evening it seems too intrusive and annoying, it’s not even that you are tired and tired. It’s just that these perfumes do not suit you – the ideal composition seems to merge with your natural scent and cannot cause any negative emotions.

How do I know if my perfume really suits me?

According to a long-formed stereotype, if a person does not smell perfume on himself, then they are completely suitable for him. This is not true.

Temporal anosmia to spirits is understood as the adaptation of the brain to the whole composition, as to something constantly repeating, which ceases to be considered an irritant for the olfactory system. This may be due to the scent itself, which consists, for example, of a small number of components, and to the individual perception of certain perfume elements by a person. How do you know if a perfume really fits? First, you need to understand the meaning of the word “fit” in a specific context.

Probably, this means compliance with the image, mood, manner of dressing and behaving in society. No outsider has the right to express his opinion on this matter, if he is not asked a direct question. And it’s not just about ethics. It is important to remember that each of us individually perceives complex smells. And the opinion of other people is the broadcast of their vision, dictated by a set of anosmias and macros, personal taste and individual perception of your image. In other words, ten different people can voice diametrically opposed opinions.

A fragrance suits you if it becomes a source or accompaniment of aesthetic pleasure, and you feel comfortable in it. This is the only way to answer the question. However, in different conditions and situations, the same perfume can evoke diametrically opposite emotions in its owner. That is, aromas obey the rule of relevance – they may suit a person in some situations and not in others. But only the owner himself can determine this, listening to his own emotions and well-being.

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