Overcome Burdening Challenges in 2021 with To-the-Point Telecom Billing Services

Overcome Burdening Challenges in 2021 with To-the-Point Telecom Billing Services

Telecom Billing Services
Telecom Billing Services

The challenges for telecom operators in 2021 are immense. Given the scope of transactions, service delivery and assimilation of up and coming technologies, it is hard to be a telecom operator these days. As an MNO or MVNO, you have to battle on multiple fronts. To win these battles with competitors, it is essential to think out-of-the-box and use relevant telecom billing services.

 The Role of Telecom Billing Services

The B/OSS functions along with telecom billing make up the core of telecom operations. Both operations support system and business support system are vitally important for managing the network, revenue and service delivery. However, when it comes to making a difference, it is the role of telecom billing system, which is the most significant.

Below are some vital roles of a telecom billing system in 2021:

Effective monetization and combing of disparate services

The catalogue of services that a telecom operator has to deliver these days is completely choked up. The pressure to bring different services to the market is immense. But at the same time you are expected to be at the top of your game in terms of creativity. To do both effectively, one needs a telecom billing platform that is intuitive and allows you to stack up different services in a way that appeals to the customers. For a bigger player in the market, it is sometimes important to test the market with pilot plans. Therefore, the system should come with the desired functionality to launch plans on a short notice.

Management of subscriptions

As your customer base grows, it becomes harder to manage different subscriptions at a granular level. The billing system should allow for multi-tenancy i.e. it should have the provision of separate login credentials for you to log in, so that every subscription can be viewed and managed. Adding self-care option for customers is also a wonderful way to facilitate your subscribers.

Convergent invoices

Nowadays, most customers are using more than one service from their telecom vendor. However, they do not want the additional baggage of dealing with multiple invoices. Therefore, convergent billing has become indispensable for modern-day customers. A single centralized platform like Online Charging System (OCS) allows for the charging of both event- and session-based services at a single point. This automatically enables convergent billing as you can now put down all the service charges on a single pace of paper or digital document.

MVNO, MVNE and MNO are three integral components of the telecom machinery. In the modern times, they are collectively serving customers from across the globe. They may seem like individual entities; however, they are also related with one another.

Important Points

Any MVNO, MVNE and MNO cannot survive with a positive relationship with each other.

  • MNO sells telecom services on a large scale.
  • The services that are not sold are purchased by MVNEs on the behalf of MVNOs.
  • MVNOs get their services from MVNE at a discounted rate, and they later deliver these services to subscribers who are not served directly by the MNO.

The Role of MVNO

MVNOs brand their services attractively and serve a vast segment of the market. Mostly, they are responsible for providing telecom services to economically weaker section of population.

The Role of Telecom Support Services Provider

There are telecom support services provider like Telgoo5 that provide a comprehensive platform for telecom operations. This platform supports the operations of MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs.

Amongst the many MVNO Software Solution Providers, Telgoo5 is right at the top of the list. With several years of experience and many successful projects under our belt, we are more confident than ever to fulfill every requirement of telecom operator. We have a centralized charging solution called OCS that allows MVNOs to leverage convergent billing at a cost-effective price point. We stay committed to our customers at every step and strive to fix every single one of their issues in time. Our MVNO Software Solution also offers point of sale, revenue assurance and a range of B/OSS services to both emerging and well-settled telecom operators.

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