Page Experience in SEO For User Engagement

Page Experience in SEO For User Engagement

All website owners are searching for the best sources by which they can achieve online business goals quickly. The main goal of all website owners is to hold the #1 ranking position by maintaining consistency and make things better. For it, they hire the best SEO professionals and put in lots of effort. Here, everyone needs to focus on multiple factors regarding a website and its functionalities. One of these things is the page experience. It is important for both search engine ranking and impressing customers as well. In this article, you will get detailed information about page experience and its importance in website ranking.

Relation Between Page Experience And Google Search Results

While hiring the best SEO Melbourne services, many individuals want to know about the relationship between a website’s page experience and its search engine ranking. In reality, page experience is a ranking factor. So in case your web pages provide a better page experience to visitors, it will send a good ranking signal to search engine bots and increase the chance of better ranking positions.

People also want to know how they can figure it out, how it can be boosted, what is the best way to improve it, etc. In addition, some people also wonder how search engines can figure out that a website’s page provides a better experience or not. So, Google launches some updates regarding core web vitals by targeting some specific algorithms. With such an update, the capacity of inspecting and accessing the webpages of search engine bots has become better.

What Does Core Web Vitals Mean?

Core web vitals are the technical aspects that can be useful in rating the webpage’s experience and performance in all manners.


These are three crucial core web vitals that can help you inspect your web page and figure out its performance metrics.

Largest Content Paint (LCP)

LCP stats are based on the loading time consumes by the largest or biggest piece of content on your webpage. According to search engine guidelines, pages with a loading time of 2.5 seconds or less are good to consider.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

With the content load, you can see some shifts in the layout. If your shifts are taking too much time, it may become a reason for wrong clicks by visitors. It will decrease page experience. For a good page experience, you should keep it less than 0.1.

First Input Delay (FID)

FID focuses on the time interval between two events, when the user visits your page and when the user interacts with content the first time. According to experts, its loading time should be less than 100 milliseconds for good.

Other Important Tips

Mobile Approach

If you focus on some stats and studies, you can find, majority of users consider mobile devices for online searches. Google ranking system also works accordingly. In case your website is not designed for mobile devices, you may face some major issues. Here, the mobile users may not get your website in good shape. It will not serve your objective by disengaging the audience.

Page Loading Time

Page loading speed or time is another highly important factor. If your web pages are too heavy and systems take too much to present content, visitors may start getting frustrated. Due to the frustration, they may leave the website instead of wasting time waiting for content.

No Interruptions

Sometimes, websites are featured with different types of popup and notification elements. These things work like a barrier while interacting with the audience. Due to these barriers, users start leaving the website immediately. For increasing the page experience, you should try to keep these types of interruptions away and keep the page simple and informative.

Browser Friendly

All browsers are not available with similar kinds of functionalities or support systems. Due to it, you cannot expect that a website can appear similarly on all platforms, devices, or browsers. Mainly it depends on the techniques used for creating web design. However, in case you have a responsive website, your website will appear similarly. This is because it will keep the page experience equal everywhere.

Final Words

It can help you understand the importance and role of page experience in user engagement and better search engine optimization results. To optimize the web pages and keep the page experience high, you can get help from website design and SEO experts. Search engine optimization professionals can analyze your website and provide details about changes to the website. Then, the website design experts will work accordingly.

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