PRP + Acell Hair Restoration- Aesthetic Hair Solutions

PRP + Acell Hair Restoration- Aesthetic Hair Solutions

PRP + Acell Hair Restoration

Losing hair is one of the conditions that are very stubborn for both men and women nowadays. Whether it is androgenic or external factors, research has been made to find the treatment to stop hair loss. But, one of the recent methods has been proved to slow down hair loss and treat thinning Acell hair loss.
PRP is a treatment that contains small injections into the scalp. PRP treatment will require nutrients with growth factors harvested from the blood. It looks like a natural fertilizer for hair cells, as it gives the essential growth factors to give out thicker and healthier hair.
PRP and Acell can also be combined to be used as an injection. An extracellular matrix is a protein complex that increases tissue regeneration and new tissue growth.

PRP Treatment

This is a three-step method. No anesthesia or preparation is essential as it is not a surgical procedure.
Firstly, the physician will remove the blood from the patient himself then put it into a tube. The second procedure will be separating the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood through centrifugation. And lastly, the separated plasma will be placed into the small syringe, combined with ACell to inject it into the patient’s scalp.

The process usually lasts 15 minutes, and is non-invasive, and has no side effects. However, some patients get it shot painful even with numbing medicines.

Combining Acell with PRP

ACell is used together with PRP to help stimulate the growth factors and stem cells within the plasma. PRP enhances activity from hair follicles that are dormant or shrinking because of that age.
Once they are injected, the growth factors inside the PRP revive these follicles, making them grow more hair and become thicker. The PRP and ACell combination usually works as a “fertilizer” on the scalp for hair re-growth.

Treatment Details 

Doctors suggest that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications or supplements for one week before going to your hair treatment process. You need to take a lot of water and also eat before your appointment. Your PRP treatment will contain four parts: a blood draw, numbing the scalp, injection of ACell, the injection of PRP. When the blood has been drawn, it will get inside a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the platelet-rich plasma. 

The PRP will then get back into a syringe. Your scalp will be numbed, and then injections will start. Firstly the ACell injections will be injected following the PRP injections. These will be provided directly to targeted hair follicles in the scalp. The part will be numb, and the injections are superficial. You can feel some pressure. Patients find that the process is not painful. Treatment time will not be the same for everyone according to your specific condition. However, in general, the treatment time will be one hour and a half. 

Who can Benefit from ACell + PRP treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma is best for men with women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss with male pattern baldness. People that have undergone hair transplant surgery also need to have PRP. As it enhances, the regeneration method then gives a kick to the implanted hair follicles.
PRP and Acell have also been proved to have effectiveness in regrowing hair in alopecia areata, of the eyebrows or beard with some situation of nonhereditary hair loss.
The treatment will need 3 to 5 sessions to a 3 to 4 weeks interval. According to hair loss, one can need another PRP treatment after six months to one year.

Recovery time

The recovery period of Acell and PRP is minimal. However, some patients have scalp tenderness or mild to moderate swelling. It is normal to reverse your regular activities immediately after the treatment. There can also be itching or bleeding to the treated area, but this is usually artificial. It’s good when you sleep when your head is elevated the first night. Settle 24 hours after the treatment before showering to make the nutrients soak in and penetrate. You should also avoid hair dyes or blow-drying for at least 48 hours. 


PRP and Acell treatments are effective procedures, though are gradual ones. Patients typically start to see results in around four months, and the last results are visible in 6 to 12 months. These results normally last 12 to 16 months. Doctors suggest 2 or 3 treatments for men and one treatment per year for women, and the maintenance of treatments has to be scheduled every 3 to 6 months.
This also enhances the hair’s healthy and shiny look. Although it doesn’t regrow hair places where hair follicles don’t exist anymore, for that reason, you need a hair transplant.


PRP hair loss treatment is used to slow the hair loss process, reduce the volume of hair loss, and support thickening hair. When PRP and Acell are combined, dormant hair follicles will be healthier and more significant, giving thicker, stronger hair, thus increasing hair growth for both men and women.

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