Should A Startup Invest in Mobile Apps?

Should A Startup Invest in Mobile Apps?

When you start a business and strive to make it a success and earn profits, there are a few areas to focus on. Your primary goals should be increasing your audience base, brand popularity, sales, and revenue generation. What if I tell you a single powerful mobile App could do all that?

Startup Invest in Mobile Apps

When you develop a world-class application with the help of a reliable mobile app development company like Soft Suave, you can open multiple growth opportunities.

Top 3 Reasons Why Investing in a Mobile App is a Great Idea

Mobile apps are a fantastic tool that offers significant advantages for businesses. It helps in rendering a fantastic experience to their target audience and takes a business to the next level. Moreover, it helps a business to reach its full of potential. The top three benefits of investing in mobile App development includes,

Multi-way-revenue generators

Although developing a mobile app can be a bit costly, it opens you many ways to earn money. However, you would have wondered how an App makes money if it is free to use. Apart from providing premium services, many App owners earn passive income in the way of

  • Advertising, subscription, In-app purchases
  • Transaction fees, Referral marketing
  • Collecting and selling data
  • Physical purchases

Besides, if end-users truly love what your App offers, they’ll be willing to spend some extra money to enjoy your premium service.

Growth of the app development market

eMarketer study

Mobile App development is an ever-thriving industry. It is estimated that the total number of mobile users will reach close to 260 billion by the end of 2022. In short, mobile phones are everywhere, it’s like our third hand that we carry with us every day. 

Based on an eMarketer study, two-thirds of shoppers check their mobile phones for product information, reviews or ratings before making a purchase. The following reasons play a vital role in mobile App’s enormous growth,

  • Introduction and adoption of new technologies
  • Futuristic features mobile devices offer
  • Addiction of people to a digitized lifestyle

However, the key is developing a compelling App that lures your potential customers and converts them into buying ones. If you are successful in retaining them, ultimately you can have loyal customers. Converting regular customers into loyal customers is not an easy task. Therefore, you should hire the right mobile app development company in order to develop a robust App.

Direct marketing channel

Reaching out to one interested customer has a high probability to convert sales than focusing on ten new unknown customers. Mobile Apps are the perfect tool that could serve as a direct marketing channel for your brand. With the help of push notifications, special promotions, news feeds, reminders you can lure in a vast number of customers into your sales funnel.

Apart from that, it gives you an easy medium to inform your users about new products and services. In conclusion, with a single App, it gets easier for businesses to connect and interact directly with their customers. Furthermore, you can gather information about the users that assist in segmenting your target audience and market-specific products or services.

Polishing Off

The mobile App boom is huge and most probably will not end anytime soon. Mobile phones have transformed into shopping companions. Moreover, it has the capability to simplify almost all of our day-to-day needs. Be it taxi booking, shopping, online ticket purchasing, video streaming, playing games, etc., mobile phones can do it all with ease. Further, it enables to the establishment of an emotional bond with the customers with the help of personalization and retargeting. Hence, this is a great opportunity for startup businesses to make a positive impression on customers’ minds.

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