The Benefits of Using N95 Mask

N95 Masks are one of the most important and versatile products for your safety in the workplace. An N95 mask, that meets the U.S National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) classification of air contaminants, is a particulate-filter respirator which means that it traps at least 95% of dust and other airborne particles in the air.

With such high standards in place, it is important to understand how N95 mask work and why they are so important. In addition, it is equally important to know what kind of masks are available for your job and what kind of respirators are required to protect you from dust and other dangerous particles.

N95 mask
N95 mask

Shortages in N95 mask

Shortages in protective gear like N95 masks can lead to serious consequences, especially in the workplace where serious infections can be spread due to lack of protection.

Firstly, because the workers are not protected from dust and other particles, they put their health at risk by inhaling harmful dust and particulates.

Secondly, the respiratory protection offered by the respirators is not adequate; and the workers cannot sufficiently clear the air.

Thirdly, because the employer must pay for the N95 masks that his or her employees need to use, they may choose to ignore or deny the need of respiratory protection in the workplace.

n95 mask

Respiratory protection provided by N95 masks

The respiratory protection provided by N95 masks is actually comprised of three parts.

The first is the particulate filter, which collects dust and other airborne particles on the surface of the N95 mask.

The second is the hard outer cover, which protects the inner N95 mask from irritants and airborne particles.

And the third is the seal.

Where the first two protect the wearer against particulates and dust, the last ensures that the inner mask does its job and holds the droplets stuck to the surface. If the inner cover leaks, it can easily cause irritation to the user, as well as possible inflammation of the respiratory tract. Such a problem can easily be solved with the right kind of seal.

n95 mask

N95 masks and the sizes

N95 mask can only be worn properly if they fit perfectly. While there are no federal guidelines on the size of masks that should be worn, the best guess would be to measure the most ideal size based on one’s head.

The N95 standard does not specify the size of masks that should be worn, but the most common recommendation is for the mask filtration efficiency to be maximized. For this purpose, one should ensure that the face is properly sized to fit the standard. If the face size is too big, the wearer may feel uncomfortable because his or her mouth will be trapped while wearing the mask.

On the other hand, a mask that is too small will not provide the needed filtration efficiency. A good fit is important for all kinds of facial protection, but particularly important for the protection provided by the new N95 masks

n95 mask

WHO Criteria for facial protection

The World Health Organization has set aside a set of criteria for determining what types of facial protection are appropriate for each pandemic. As a member of the WHO, the organization has established a series of criteria that should be used in determining what kinds of N95 Masks should be available for each pandemic. The most common criteria considered are the level of protection provided the ease of use for the general public, and the cost-effectiveness of the product.

While different pandemic Masks will provide a different level of protection, the common ones are designed to be used in the same way: as a filter for breathing.

Therefore, it is likely that any individual will be able to find a compatible pair of N95 masks to meet their needs. Some individuals will benefit from a larger, bulkier N95 mask, while others may prefer a smaller, more discreet version.

N95 masks generally come in two different varieties: disposable or reusable. Disposable Masks can be worn once and disposed of. For those individuals who frequently wear disposable Masks, the best solution may be to purchase a reusable N95 mask.

And in terms of reusable mask there are two main types of reusable masks available to consumers: airtight and flexible. Both provide excellent filtration efficiencies, but the flexible variety may be more prone to stretching over time due to the weight of the individual’s head.

In the workplace, the use of N95 masks by employees has provided significant benefits to them. If you also desire to buy N95 masks you may look up to

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