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The Many Joys of Owning a Deep Seated Sofa

The Many Joys of Owning a Deep Seated Sofa

Seated Sofa

Seated Sofa For home décor enthusiasts seeking a way to add style and sophistication into your home decor, when selecting the right living room sofa for your home, you may think you only have to worry about fabric and color choices in deciding which pieces are best for this space. But have you thought about other options within your sofa, such as depth?

Most people don’t think that there is another style of sofa out there called deep-seated. You are completely normal if you’ve never had the thought about sofa seat cushion depth before. But it’s the unsung hero of every furniture’s comfort. Seat depth doesn’t vary much—it’s typically between 21 and 24 inches, but you can many options outside of that range. 

What makes a deep sofa?

Deep-seated sofas are simply upholstered sofas similar to standard and sleeper sofa. It’s a style of chaise lounge sofa that sits back further (deeper) than other regular sofas. Often these pieces are coupled with more oversized cushions and throw pillows, or accent pillows are a must, making a very relaxing seating arrangement.

While sofas with shallow seats are the best fit for those that prefer to sit upright, deep-seat sofas are better for lounging while binging our favorite show or during movie night

Curling up on the sofa is easy with a deep-seat piece of furniture. With different shapes, sizes, and fabric options to choose from, here are other reasons to buy a deep seat sofa.

Extra Comfortability

Deep seating on a sofa gives varying comfy levels. If you are a tall individual, you probably can relate to how uncomfortable it can be to sit on a small or regular sofa. First, you can’t sit back all the way because when you are flush against the back of the sofa, your knees are still up in the air a bit, with a portion of the upper leg still hanging off the edge. 

A deep-seated sofa will fix this by serving as a recliner, letting you scoot back more than you ever could before, and giving you the upper leg support you have always wanted. 

 Choice of Style

 While you may be thinking that a deep-seated sofa may limit you in terms of choice, happily, this isn’t the case. There is a wide range of styles available, from traditional to modern styles with a more classic shape and feature and contemporary styles with clean lines.

Freedom to Customize

 The additional benefits of a deep chaise sofa are the space it gives you for more accessories! That extra depth allows you to choose that bigger cushion or that extra chunky throw because you have room for it. You can add additional features such as a back cushion, removable coffee table, armrests or track arms, etc.

Having known the advantages attached to the deep sofa, you should note tips when shopping to avoid mistakes. Listed below are a few; 

1. It is also essential to keep in mind what type of upholstery you want on your couch. Typical couches come in leather, cotton, polyester fabric, and velvet upholstery. A leather sofa is an excellent option in durability, but for easy cleaning, go for microfiber. However, If you’re unsure about what fabric sofa you like, ask some questions. 

2. Inspect the internal cushioning 

These days high-end modern sofas use fiber, feather, and foam cushions. Foam wrapped with a little mix of fiber is the most comfortable sofa cushion filling as it provides the softness of wool and the support of foam. A cushion cover made with memory foam or plush cushions is also a great choice to look out for. 

3. Watch out for a solid wood frame. A sofa must be made with a hardwood frame, thick wooden beams, and crossbars. They must be correctly jointed together using mortise and tenon joints.

4. Make sure that your new, extra-deep couch will be able to pass through all doorways, stairwells, or elevators. 

5. Keep the scale of your room and other furniture pieces in mind when choosing your extra-deep seat. Higher ceilings and can handle taller pieces of furniture. Not every seat depths match all living space. If you have a small space, keep your seat depth to 21 or 22 inches

5. If your home is made of wooden floors, then a wood-leg sofa is the safest choice. Non-wooden legs could damage the floor while trying to move your couch.

Having familiarized yourself with the different styles of deep sofas available in the USA market, and you already know the difference between convertibles, a love seat, a sectional sofa, or a three or four-seater, you now have a better idea about what to shop for. However, to maintain the beauty and durability of your new sofa for years to come, consider getting a furniture protection warranty from the manufacturer. 

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