‘THE MUST HAVE’ Travel and Tourism Industry Mobile App Features

‘THE MUST HAVE’ Travel and Tourism Industry Mobile App Features

The dream to witness the beauty the world has to offer, becomes a reality when we travel. Since the pandemic hit, travellers wish to explore and businesses wish to restore their confidence by ensuring safe and seamless travel. A sector that solely depends on guests, is trying to rope in the best methods to offer the safest choices to customers. Travel applications are one such choice and they are working brilliantly for the hosts and the guests!

The blend of flexibility and technology IS the future for travel apps; and has a lot to offer with regards to higher revenues and monetization. Why should you not use the newer ways to optimise your business and mint more money? Isn’t that what every successful business owner desire, right?! So… make hay while the sun shines. For the remaining part about explaining the importance of a tourism app, this write-up is here to help!

Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel and Tourism Industry

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The importance of such apps

With technology to aid every business, travel agencies and physical bookings are almost outdated. People want to get their work done in a jiffy and in a hassle-free manner; applications let you do that! Tourism industry in itself has a lot to offer and hence, the scope for associated businesses is also huge!

This industry is switching to apps to enhance their ways and take customer satisfaction a notch higher! New trends and tech-solutions are shaping the future of apps catering to tourism sector. Plus, other sectors are also joining hands and collaborating with the hospitality sector. Restaurant owners, cab services, apparel store owners, etc. are more than open to welcome all customers – native or outsiders. 

Evidently, this business has a lot to offer!!

Important features – Let’s get talking!

It is important to offer AT LEAST what travel agencies provide offline; plus, your app needs to establish what are the other advantages it offers apart from saving the customer’s time. Such agencies are approached because they take care of trips in entirety. This is the LEAST your app must do. Meaning thereby, there should be other features as well. 

Flourish by switching to an easier option that will allow your clients to book online and also allow you to be more organised as everything will be taken care of, through a single platform. Let’s learn about the important features that will prove to be pivotal in this regard…

  • User profile
    Of course!! How else would a user make bookings, get important details and notifications. Letting users create a profile is a must when it comes to such applications.
  • Booking services
    Yes, they are not the only service users expect, but this is definitely and obviously expected. For the least, users want to be able to make reservations in a hotel or book rooms in a lodge or homestay.
    In addition, you can provide booking services for local attractions like – fests, museums, galleries, art classes etc.
  • The ‘planner’
    Users nowadays expect more than just reservation in hotel rooms. A great travel planner can prove to be very helpful for tourists. This feature can further include features, that allow users to create an itinerary, store tickets, use and access QR codes, have information about travel destinations, etc.
  • Weather forecasting
    Weather is unpredictable; and can affect one’s trip negatively or positively. Make sure you include weather updates in your application to inform your clients better about the place they are about to visit.
    Now, including a weather function on your platform, would require you to hire an experienced and enterprising software development team.
  • Transport services
    Even if the tourist spot is entirely picturesque, no one wishes to walk miles, right! Provide an in-app option to the users to book cabs, taxis or local conveyance. This feature will be a bliss for users!
  • Ratings and reviews
    I always feel reviews and ratings can take a business up and down, depending on the kind of experience that is shared on that platform. Good reviews build a strong customer-base and trust, they also establish the credibility of your brand. Provide services in the best possible way, to get the best reviews – they have the potential to take your venture a notch higher!
  • Travel suggestions
    This section can tell your users about the best places that are less-frequented by travellers. People wishing to visit a new place also want to explore the true-taste of that place. Hence, they wish to explore the places that are visited by locals; whether tourists frequent them or not isn’t the question really.
    Moreover, there are some special places that aren’t covered by mainstream media, social media influencers or bloggers. Make sure you provide such suggestions through your app, to let the users experience the best, with just a click!

To sum up…

The list of features discussed here, is obviously not exhaustive. You can definitely add on more features, if you wish, depending on what you expect out of your travel application. The above-mentioned travel and tourism industry mobile app features, are the very basic and essential ones in order to establish what your application does, how you intend to serve. Such features, in any application, also give a peek to the users, about how serious your team is about taking the customers seriously. 

So, if you have an idea on similar lines, just go ahead with it and get a travel app developed. The travel and tourism sector has a lot to offer, to both – travellers and business owners. Connect with a competent app development company to build your dream app and to stay abreast with the latest and coolest technologies. Use your ideas to make a difference and host your guests better, in any which way you like.

Always ‘check-in’ with new thoughts and ‘check-out’ with the realisation of their potency! 

Happy ideating!!

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