The New Trends In Custom Jewelry Boxes

The New Trends In Custom Jewelry Boxes

Custom Jewelry Boxes

Several new trends are emerging in the packaging industry that crafts custom jewelry boxes. These boxes give a unique look to the jewelry items and are very popular in custom jewelry packaging. Jewelry has been around since the earliest of civilization days.  Men and women adorn themselves for many reasons. Many historians believe that they used these jewelry items to give a unique identity to themselves. This identity helped them different their clan members from others. Jewelry was also thought to ward off evil and bring luck. The ancient Egyptian civilization used ‘ankh’ to ward off the evil eye. With time jewelry items have evolved. Today watches are also included as a category of jewelry. They are crafted from gold and other precious metals and sold in their custom jewelry boxes. The custom jewelry packaging of every brand is different and easily recognizable. 

This customized jewelry packaging allows the brands to provide memorable brand elements. These elements include logos, images, and taglines, etc. The branding elements must resonate with their customers so that they can remember it for a long time. This identification facilitates the process of buying. The same is the case with the jewelry items. As long as the customers feel that their favorite brand is accessible and worthy, they will keep buying it. Custom jewelry packaging boxes help the customers identifying their favorite brands. Custom boxes for jewelry play a significant role in keeping the items inside safe. These boxes help in storing, displaying, and delivering the products to their final destination. Even after delivery, they are used for storing items between their use. Hence, they should be sturdy enough to keep the items safe from moisture and impacts, etc. 

Custom jewelry boxes for businesses that deal in manufacturing or marketing jewelry and watches etc. are designed according to the product specification. They are crafted in the exact size of the box. This way businesses do not have to fill the larger boxes with fillers. These fillers result in adding to the cost of shipping due to weight or size. Customized jewelry packaging makes use of an insert to display and protect the jewelry items inside. These inserts and separators are made from cardboard or foam and other related material. They are very useful in making more space inside custom jewelry boxes if more than one product is packaged and prevents them from bumping into each other. The luxury jewelry items are packaged in cardboard-based custom luxury jewelry boxes. These boxes are called custom rigid boxes in the packaging and the retail world. 

The custom rigid boxes are made from the strongest cardboard stocks. These stocks are durable and retain their shapes and look for a very long time. The jewelry brands make use of premium offset printing techniques to give distinct looks to these boxes. They use innovative designs to make these boxes stand out among the rest. Luxury finishes are used on these boxes and features like magnetic closures are added. The boxes on which this feature is used are called custom magnetic closure boxes. They can be opened and closed very easily and come in all sizes. The use of these boxes becomes popular during the holiday season and the events including Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, etc. But it is not a cost-effective option for the brands. Because of this reason, limited stock and collection are packed in custom magnetic closure boxes. 

Not only jewelry but perfumes are sold in these luxury custom boxes. The packaging industry is evolving according to the needs of the customers and business entities. It is trying to offer highly-functional and attractive packaging solutions. If you are a jewelry brand interested in giving a new look to your jewelry items through packaging then, you must look into the cardboard-based packaging boxes. They are versatile and cost-effective. To learn more about custom printed boxes, get in touch with ClipnBox. 

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