The Only Logo Designer Resources You Will Ever Need

The Only Logo Designer Resources You Will Ever Need

Logo Designer Resources

The online world is a beautiful thing made by humans, full of incredible resources for people who want to study logo design. However, sometimes, a lot of choices can be incredibly confusing. Therefore, we have compiled a list of resources to help you get a grip on logo designing. 

Moreover, if all the designing seems too difficult for you, remember that a unique animated logo designer is just a small number of clicks away from creating a mind-blowing piece for you.  

Logoed blog

Logoed is a logo design blog that allows you to engage with other designers and share your designs online. The whole website has a single page, and it has been in this world for over a decade. The site offers an enormous variety of logos inside its archive and has a large user base. You can also utilize the search dialog box if you are looking for something unique and particular.


If you need inspiration or ideas to search for your new logo project, you can head over to logosphere to find attractive and free logo ideas. The design of this website is incredibly simplistic to ensure everyone can comfortably understand and focus on the design itself. Every grid of this website is simple, and the user interface is straightforward to navigate. 

Company folders

Company folders is a small design portfolio from a design company of the same name. The portfolio offers numerous designs in a variety of styles, from 3D to illusions. So, if you are looking for further inspiration for your new logo, you can check some types out on this website. 

Logo of the day

Logo of the day is an inspirational project by designer Jacob Cass. The website offers a brilliant logo design on the front page every day. Cass handpicks every featured design that filters by user suggestions. The website has been in business for the last five years and contains an extensive library of logos. You can also check the archive of past logos in a feature with the name logo of the month. You can also make a unique animated logo designer account to submit your creations. 


Logolounge is a logo research, inspiration, and discussion website that allows you to find a reference for logos and other materials. The website now features over a hundred and fifty thousand logo examples. You can use this website to start discussions or share your logos with the community and clients anywhere in the world. 


Griddzly is a gridding tool that arranges your characters or images in grids of numerous formats deepening your preferences. The website offers many different forms, such as square and triangular dots, hexagons, squares, and many more. You can also find triangular grids for the best experience, and the website allows instant print. Finally, you can browse our more helpful hints if you want logo designer Canada who can offer more grid customization for your logos.

Font squirrel

Not every font company offers free fonts for commercial use, and many of them are incredibly cliché or boring. To find reliable and original fonts to use for commercial purposes, you can head over to font squirrel for best performance. Some of the fonts in the collection are similar to nothing else in the market and can fit almost any case. The variety is excellent, and the group is extensive. Of course, you should not refrain from paid font tools, but this resource can prove incredibly useful if you have no option. 

In conclusion

Logo designing can be a complex task, and resources that help you are always appreciable. Regardless of their free and paid status, the above tools will aid you in getting better results in the long run. These resources provide fonts, grids, and inspiration to help you create your next perfect design. Therefore, if you are looking for a logo designer, you can get yourself a creative and unique animated logo designer. 

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