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Things You Must Know About Hydronic Heating Repair

Things You Must Know About Hydronic Heating Repair

Hydronic Heating Repair

Among all the heating systems in the market, the hydronic heating system is the most efficient one. It keeps you warm and comfortable on a chilly wintry night. This boiler heating system is efficient in keeping the house or your office warm.

The method it uses is something unique

The hydronic heating system uses hot water running through pipes under the floor giving the desired warmth. Walking barefoot on the floor will make your feet feel so relaxed. As the technology is quite unique, hydronic heating repair or service every month or two may come in handy.


This can save you a lot of money in the long run as well.

  • A hydronic heating system is used for many purposes. To keep it going well and smooth, we need to keep a constant check on these aspects-
  • Energy bills are on the lower side or not as this is designed specially to consume less energy than other heating systems.
  • If any corner of the house is still cold, it needs some inspection. As with the heating system the warmth should be equally distributed to every corner.
  • As this does not pick any bacteria, dust, or dander, the quality is better than usual air
  • Check for any allergens blowing around through the vents.

With the technique of hot water running underfoot, the system may sometimes cause some problems like leakage, boiler or heater issue, power supply issues, and so on. But there is nothing need to worry about if you are proactive in your approach. Understanding the actual problem will save you money and time. Following are the things to be checked for a hydronic heating repair:

Water Leakage

Leakage could happen for various reasons. One of them could be changing the floorboards or any kind of floor restoration. The pressure on the floor could have led to the leakage of the pipe.

Issue With Pilot Light

If your system is not working as it should, take a look if the pilot light is turning on or not. Among many reasons behind the pilot light not turning on, one is catching dust or debris at the tip of it. Let’ be observant!

Strange Noise Coming Out

If you find any kind of strange sound is coming out of the system, call the professionals. You might need a hydronic heating repairThe buzzing or rattling sound could be a result of an improper installation of the pipes. But as the system is underfoot do not try to fix it on your own.


Not Generating Proper Radiant Heat

As you are not getting the desired heat, check if the temperature setting is correct or not. Even if it fails to do its work at the right temperature which is 45-68 degrees celsius, the problem could be with the boiler. Pilot light, gas line blockage could be other issues if the system runs on gas.

Things you can do before going for A Hydronic Heating Repair

  • Check on the pilot light
  • Finding if any strange noise is coming out
  • The temperature is correct
  • Adequate gas pressure
  • Check on the burner or igniters

Your comfort is essential to you. To make sure that you have the comfort you need, you must make sure that your hydronic system is up and running smoothly. A constant check on the system will save you from the chilly wintry nights. Even if you find any issues with the system, we recommend you not to try anything, keeping the whole technology in mind. As the hot water runs through pipes underfoot, it will be best if you call a professional for your hydronic heating repair. Let’s be safe and at ease.

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