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Timber Flooring – What You Need To Know Before Installation

Timber Flooring – What You Need To Know Before Installation

Timber flooring is an exciting way to add extra floor space to your home. You can do this in a big way by using timber flooring instead of hardwood. Timber flooring is a beautiful flooring type that looks great in any environment, from the modern to the traditional. There are many different species of timber from around the world and the different woods have different properties when it comes to flooring. Here are some examples of the types of timber that you might want to consider.

Timber flooring NZ


Oak timber is very strong and is available in a variety of colours. It is a dense hardwood which means that oak flooring is durable and will stand the test of time. This flooring is available all over New Zealand, with the highest quality being sourced in Kaikoura and Northland. When properly installed, oak flooring will be extremely solid and durable.


Pine wood is a very popular option for New Zealanders. It is a light wood that has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is commonly used as interior paneling, including in a wall between rooms or in a room dividers. This flooring is often left unfinished because it can be sanded to a smooth surface which makes it perfect for DIY projects.


Another popular wood for New Zealanders is pine bark. This soft, white wood is very popular in flooring applications. It is easily shaped into intricate patterns with a saw and textured sander. Pine bark has natural antibacterial qualities which mean that it repels mould and mildew. This makes it ideal for use on bathrooms, wet rooms or anywhere there is moisture.

One of the best qualities of hardwood is that it is incredibly consistent in size and shape. This means that once it has been cut and prepared it will look the same throughout. Because of this uniformity, timber flooring is very versatile which allows for it to be used in a wide variety of homes.

Timber flooring NZ

The option to choose from a variety of styles

Timber flooring in NZ comes in a variety of different styles. Some of the most popular include natural, solid oak timber and scalloped and ribbed timbers. Solid hardwood is great if you are looking for a floor that you can feel safe walking on. This type of timber is also very strong and durable. Scalloped and ribbed timbers are more characterful and these have the ability to add a unique decorative touch to a room.

When choosing your timber, it is also important to consider other characteristics. For example, hardwoods are more stable and durable. They are also good for high traffic areas. However, softwoods like pine might be suitable for lower traffic areas where they won’t be damaged as easily.

You should think about what you need out of your timber flooring before you shop. If you are looking for a finish, you will want one that will be easy to clean and will resist damage from everyday wear and tear. In addition to choosing the right finish, you will also need to take into consideration how much maintenance you want to do to keep it looking good. This is an important decision because you can choose a product that looks great but that requires the most maintenance.

Timber flooring in NZ can help to create a new look in your home. Make sure to consult with professionals who can assist you in finding the right flooring plan for your home. You can view sample flooring plans online so that you can see what different types of flooring can do for your home. Take some time to consider your options and make sure to have fun in the process. Timber flooring in NZ will make a dramatic difference in the way that you view your home. One can find the best options for flooring at websites like powerdekorfloors.co.nz.

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