Tips For Being Successful And Still Having A (Personal) Life

Tips For Being Successful And Still Having A (Personal) Life


It’s getting hard to draw the line between your work and personal time. We’ve been discussing this topic for years. Yet, many people are experiencing burnout, anxiety, and other consequences of working too much and not resting properly anymore. There are many self-help books on the topic of burnout, seminars on how to find work-life balance, and sometimes it looks like we are wandering from one to another, convincing ourselves it will magically work. The truth is, even if you want to rest and learn how to unwind, you need to put work into it and relearn discipline. You may be the most organized person in the world, but if you can’t manage to have proper time for yourself (no emails, tweaking something you remembered before sleep, etc.). People started complaining even when they had the time to unwind. They can’t stop thinking about work and how they aren’t doing enough (newsflash: they are working more than they should) in most cases. Is it the treatment our employers give us? Where nothing is too horrible, let’s try to do more than we signed up for. In the end, nowadays everyone works more than one thing, and it’s normal. Is it, though?

Rest-related brainstorming

Don’t overthink and answer this question: what would you do right away that isn’t work-related? To be more exact, what small joy would a specific action bring you (and relaxation as well). What we are aiming for here is to find at least five things you could do in 3 minutes that would bring you a sense of relief and reset your brain. It’s important to take breaks, and it’s even better if you do something simple as listening to a song or making a cup of tea. Even just looking through the window or writing down what you want to do on the weekend (it can also be: nothing). If you have these little prompts, it will ease your stress during work hours, and you will also have a list of what you’d like to do that makes you happy and relaxed when you finally finish work.

Are you sticking to your schedule?

Another thing people forget is that sticking to a schedule means your work stops when it’s supposed to. While there can be sudden changes and you might have to stay longer, many tend to overstay and work more because they think it brings more productiveness and their boss will appreciate it. On the contrary – if you overwork yourself every day, your attention span will gradually get shorter. Even if your job makes you happy, it won’t be the case anymore. The line between your personal life and work will blur, and you will never be able to tell precisely when the work is done unless you are sleeping. Remember, “workaholic” isn’t such a great thing everyone used to advertise – it is a person who is a perfectionist (they are more likely to work themselves until they find something fitting to their standards which is way too high). They show symptoms of OCD and anxiety. Most of the time, they don’t even realize it – until burnout appears. Committing to not doing anything regarding work past your work time is something you will need to practice, but it will be more rewarding for your personal life and work. Coming to work well-rested and with something new you’ve done (otherwise than work) can give you a new perspective on a problem you couldn’t solve or an easier way to put together a presentation or anything else your job requires. Your energy is a valuable source, and it’s essential to use it wisely. When you learn to relax, you will find that less time is needed for most of the tasks when you aren’t self-deprecating and “workaholic.”

Is the job for you?

Reconsider if the job you currently have doesn’t give you the flexibility you want, or you’d be more comfortable working if the schedule were different. There are many opportunities out there, and while we don’t recommend quitting your job without a backup plan, it could be wise to check out job offers and what you think could give you more flexibility if you indeed don’t have time to catch a breath. If you believe a 9 to 5 job isn’t for you, try finding companies with remote jobs, or go for having the additional passive income (that won’t stress you out but will add money to your account, if that concerns you). You might roll your eyes, but Forex traders have flexible working hours, and you can check it out if the economy and investing are one of your interests. It would take you some time to build up a portfolio but, it’s worth taking a shot if you think you’d be good at it. Whatever the case is, prioritize your energy and time while ensuring you are going towards a better solution.

In conclusion

Maintaining a healthy schedule, as taking time for yourself – find two hours, or at least one. Scrolling on social media indeed takes away from it. Try a workout. Dance. Listen to music that you liked when you were in high school. Call a friend. Make an at-home spa day. Try meditation, or pick up a light book. Change the way you think about work, and write down everything you think right now you have to do and look at it again. What would you say to your best friend? How much do you have to do, or are you finding an excuse to stay in your comfort zone (that makes you miserable, by the way). Go for what will make you happier but still equally productive without overworking yourself to death. Good luck!

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