Top 10 Global Risk For 2021

Top 10 Global Risk For 2021

Global Risk

New year, new risk!  

This new year 2021 has brought so many risks.  Asv2020 was full of troubles and disasters for people all around the globe. This has made the new year 2021 to some extent risky. People are doubtful about 2021, that want is going to happen in the world. What is going to happen in world politics? What are the superpowers going to do? What new changes technology is going to bring to our lives? Is the pandemic going over this year? There are a lot of questions and thoughts in pupils’ minds cheap essay writing service UK about 2021.

Out of all risks, here are the top 10 risks for 2021.

1. The Biden’s presidency/ 46*:

Joe Biden has won the United States(U.S) elections after defeating Donald Trump. Joe Biden is going to become the 46th President of U.S on 20, January 2021. He has won more than 80 million votes, which is a record in the history of America. At the same time, Trump has won 74 million votes. He receives millions of many votes than he won in the election 2016. Donald Trump refuses to accept the elections’ results according to him the elections were stolen, which is quite strange in American election history. After Jimmy Carter in 1976, Joe Biden emerges with the weakest mandate. The biggest challenge for Biden’s government would be domestic. There are also many structural challenges for Biden as their challenges can be seen before taking charge of how Trip and his supporters give them a tough time. It would be surely hard for Biden to govern in such conditions where opposition us loyal to Trump and had strong rejection about the elections.

2- Long COVID:

Ah! The long COVID. The COVID is getting long and long. Even this new year begins with corona pandemic. But there is a hope that we will get rid of COVID this year. People and experts are optimistic that soon we will again live a normal life. The education sector was suffering a lot and transformed towards the online education system in which cheap essay writing service uk is helping students a lot in their academics. But the fact is that the COVID and its widespread effects will not disappear just after the vaccine. The effects of corona on the economy and mental health would take a long period of time to become stable. While dealing with the disasters of COVID- 19, the countries would also have to manage the timeline of COVID vaccine when people have lost their trust. The countries who are not producing their corona vaccine would have more risks as they revive supplies later, maybe at 2021 or even 2022. They also need a huge amount of money for buying the vaccine and the countries having insufficient funds for this have bigger challenges. Thus, the developing countries would face many difficulties in the form of travel restrictions and slow growth of the economy.

3- Issue of climate change:

With the time everyone understands how much serious the issue of climate change is. As it started affecting the lives of people, they started taking this issue seriously. But the thing that is also becoming a global risk is that when we take a deep dive in the reasons behind this global warming issue, we found the biggest reason behind this is the biggest weapon in the world economy, the industries. And this is the point where politics began on global warming. Countries like China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and South Korea signed an agreement about net-zero emission target. America the largest economy, Biden says that he is ready to join the Paris agreement again. The new era of the global corporation begins. Let’s see how the countries will corporate with the domination of energy transition.

4- U.S – China tension:

The controversy between the U.S and China about COVID and vaccine was on its peak last year. Now let’s see how they are going to deal with this issue along with climate change and trade issues between China and U.S. As both of the countries are leading economic countries so, what would this tension results is one this risk of 2021. Both of the countries are struggling to influence the whole world with their vaccine. There is a tough competition between them fir COVID vaccination. It is predicted that the world is going to witness high tension between China and U. S.

5- Struggle of Western countries with their slow economy:

The COVID- 19 has shaken the economies of the whole world. The economic crisis has become a global issue and risk. Developing countries face this issue, but countries like America and China are also facing an economic setback. In 2021 vaccine is the target and that they are working on their slow economy and trying to make their economies stable. It is also predicted that most countries would not reach to thief pre-2020 GDP until the end of 2021.

6- The expansion of the global middle class come to an end:

As a result of extreme poverty, experts think that the middle class is shrinking very quickly. As per the world bank’s predictions until 2021, 150 million people will fall into poverty. The increasing number of people falling in poverty is rapidly shrinking the middle class. The pandemic also adds to the economic crisis of the people. The reasons behind the end of the global middle class are political instability, conflicts and democratic backsliding.

7-  Economic pressure in Turkey:

Turkey’s economic pressure is increasing problems for the President Recap Tayyip Erdogan as some misadventures of the president against the economy are slowly making him alone. The allies’ support is weakening and even it is said that military confrontation is also possible in some areas. The tension between Turkey and the European Union is also increasing.

8- Global reckoning over personal data:

Global reckoning over personal data is a debate for a long time. But with the passage of time and the controversy over the data between China and America has made it global risk. The tension on keeping the personal data of people and the data policy between America and the European Union “sovereignty “is increasing with every new day and will continue in 2021.

9- Europe after Merkel:

The most important leader of Europe is stepping down in the second half of 2021. French President Emmanuel Macron would be alone after Merkel. She has spent 15 years of life as a Chancellor of Germany. She is the first female chancellor of Germany. It would be a setback for the continent and would increase the threats when many countries are locked down because of the pandemic.

10- The tipping point for cybersecurity:

Increasing technology tools and gadgets and lack of cybersecurity are one of the global risks of 2021. Cybercrimes are increasing, but there proper policies against it are lacking. The measures are not sufficient for a large number of problems, which is unrest among people.

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